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Find Reputable Bowhunting Outfitters

by Emily Kantner

If you’re in the market for an outfitted bowhunt, take advantage of the dreaded October lull to plan for the… more »


Gear Review: Stealth Cam Wireless Card Reader

by Christian Berg

At the risk of making Fred Bear roll in his grave, I’m just going to come out and admit it:… more »


Gear Review: Mange’ Drop Arrow Rest

by Emily Kantner

Even with the latest bowhunting technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to get comfortable with tried-and-true gear and miss out… more »


How To Properly Serve a Bowstring

by Levi Morgan

Few bowhunters spend much time worrying about the serving thread on their bowstring and/or cables. However, poor servings can cause… more »


Crossbow Review: Excalibur Micro Suppressor

by Jon E. Silks

Since 1983, Excalibur has been outfitting sportsmen with rock-solid equipment. Recurve limbs make Excalibur crossbows nearly indestructible as they involve… more »


Bow Review: Elite Option 6

by Jon E. Silks

Elite has built a loyal fan base by producing bows that simply get the job done. They are all about… more »


Part 2: Spot-and-Stalk Hunting

by Randy Ulmer

In my last column, I said that to be a consistently successful spot-and-stalk hunter, you must be able to shoot… more »


How to Avoid Stupid Bowhunting Mistakes

by Bill Winke

In its original form, the “KISS” approach stood for Keep It Simple, Stupid — as if to imply that one… more »


Mission Crossbows SUB-1: The Name Says It All

by Christian Berg

Mission Crossbows today unveiled its innovative new SUB-1, a shooting platform the company created to set a new standard in… more »


S3DA Youth Numbers Continue to Rise

by Emily Kantner

Most bowhunters would take a hiatus — if not retire — from the sport if they had shoulder surgery. But Jennie… more »


12 Bow Equipment Checks You Have to Perform

by Darron McDougal

Most of us spend hours preparing our archery equipment for bowhunting season, but when season opens, many shift their focus… more »


5 Reasons To Care About Bowhunting Fitness

by Darron McDougal

When the bull bugled from the other side of the deep canyon an hour before dark, reaching him during legal… more »


Why Deer Tactics Help With Elk-Hunting Success

by Darron McDougal

You’ve probably seen them: trail-camera images of big bull elk flopping around in a muddy wallow or drinking from a… more »


Is Concealed Carry Useful to Bowhunters?

by Emily Kantner

For the most part, bowhunters are no strangers to firearms. Many of us got our start in the hunting woods… more »


Training Yourself for Better Shooting Accuracy

by Christian Berg

When it comes to making clutch shots, there is arguably no one better than world-champion archer Levi Morgan. From high-stakes… more »


Quiz: Are You a Master of the Whitetail Rut?

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Harvesting a buck during the whitetail rut is usually relatively easy if you hunt a high-deer-traffic location long enough, but… more »


Does Hunting with Ozone Really Work?

by Darron McDougal

As the young Kansas buck ambled toward me along a travel corridor, I knew I’d soon learn if my buddy’s… more »


How Bad Shots Make You Shoot Your Bow Better

by Cabe Johnson

It’s unlikely that anyone has ever told you to shoot a bad shot on purpose. However, when we received this… more »


Part 1: Spot-and-Stalk Hunting

by Randy Ulmer

To be a consistently successful spot-and-stalk hunter, you must be able to shoot well. You must be proficient under all… more »


Why Do Summer Bucks Disappear in the Fall?

by Bill Winke

The number one question I am asked relates to disappearing bucks. A hunter has kept his eye on a nice… more »