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Center Shots: Best Lessons for Whitetail Hunting

by Bowhunting Online Staff

If you spend enough time in the deer woods, you’re bound to learn a thing or two. Whether it’s knowing… more »


Do Small-Diameter Shafts Maximize Arrow Penetration?

by Jon E. Silks

Our ongoing Practical Bowhunting Test Series attempts to answer age-old archery questions, test commonly held (but unproven) theories, assess claims,… more »


Why You Should Opt for Micro-Food Plots This Season

by Bill Winke

Writing used to be my day job, but starting in 2008, the pen and paper took a back seat to… more »


One and Done Sighting with UNO App

by Christian Berg

Setting the pins on a new sight isn’t my favorite archery chore. It’s time consuming, and even after multiple range… more »


2015 Broadhead Test: Fixed-Blade vs. Hemorrhage Bags

by Jon E. Silks

Our goal is to objectively test key characteristics critical to the successful completion of a broadhead’s mission. Tests are conducted… more »


Center Shots: How to Conquer Tough Bow Tuning Issues

by Bowhunting Online Staff

A straight-flying arrow is more consistent in the air than one that wobbles. And because the vanes aren’t ripping sideways… more »


2015 Broadhead Test: Fixed-Blade vs. Sheet Metal

by Jon E. Silks

Our goal is to objectively test key characteristics critical to the successful completion of a broadhead’s mission. Tests are conducted… more »


Bowtech Prodigy Bow Review

by Jon E. Silks

Always looking for a way to drive its technology to the next level, Bowtech has introduced all-new PowerShift Technology. It… more »


Excalibur Micro 335 Crossbow Review

by Jon E. Silks

Excalibur was started in 1983 out of a passion for crossbow hunting, and the company has since introduced many new… more »


BOWHUNTING’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Treestand Locations

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Selecting ideal treestand locations for fall food plots requires strategic thinking. As any successful bowhunter knows, you need to be… more »


6 Toughest Bow Targets for 2015

by Jon E. Silks

Are you old enough to remember the classic Tootsie Pop commercial where the boy asks the owl professor, “How many… more »


Center Shots: How to Develop an Effective Pre-Season Shooting Routine

by Bowhunting Online Staff

If you never shoot under pressure during your practice sessions, you never learn what it means to focus and trust… more »


9 Killer Budget Bows Under $500

by Patrick Meitin

The major bow manufactures’ flagship bows are cool to look at, handle and dream of, but in the bigger picture… more »


4 Clutch Shots Every Bowhunter Must Master

by Bill Winke

Of the last 22 bucks I have shot at, my average shot distance was 29.4 yards. My shortest shot was… more »


Mathews Monster Wake Review

by Jon E. Silks

In a market that has just about every possible configuration and application covered, Mathews found a way to create something… more »


Center Shots: How to Improve Accuracy on High Pressure Shots

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Do you hit bullseye after bullseye during your target practice in the offseason but can’t seem to get it done… more »


3 Rules of Thumb to Follow for Consistent Arrow Speed

by Jon E. Silks

There are many general guidelines in life we accept without really thinking about. For example, in real estate we are… more »


Swine Dining: What to Know About Cooking Feral Hogs

by Scott Leysath

The proliferation of invasive wild hogs across the lower portion of the United States has created a golden opportunity for… more »

Sometimes you won’t have the preferred cover. If you focus on staying committed to move only when the bear is looking away from you, a black bear like this may be in your future!

4 Keys to a Successful Spot-and-Stalk Bear Hunt

by John Dudley

My heartbeat felt so hard I was sure everything in the timber could hear it. I felt like a tai… more »

If you want to reach your full potential as an archer, you will need to improve your conditioning. One way to build strength and endurance is to pull your hunting bow to full draw and let down 20 times in a row and then hold at full draw as long as possible before releasing the arrow on the final repetition.

Holding Steady: Training Exercises for Improving Draw Strength

by Randy Ulmer

There are three fundamental areas to focus on in our quest to hold the bow steady: the physical component, the… more »