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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


Why Deer Tactics Help With Elk-Hunting Success

by Darron McDougal

You’ve probably seen them: trail-camera images of big bull elk flopping around in a muddy wallow or drinking from a… more »


Is Concealed Carry Useful to Bowhunters?

by Emily Kantner

For the most part, bowhunters are no strangers to firearms. Many of us got our start in the hunting woods… more »


Training Yourself for Better Shooting Accuracy

by Christian Berg

When it comes to making clutch shots, there is arguably no one better than world-champion archer Levi Morgan. From high-stakes… more »


Quiz: Are You a Master of the Whitetail Rut?

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Harvesting a buck during the whitetail rut is usually relatively easy if you hunt a high-deer-traffic location long enough, but… more »


Does Hunting with Ozone Really Work?

by Darron McDougal

As the young Kansas buck ambled toward me along a travel corridor, I knew I’d soon learn if my buddy’s… more »


How Bad Shots Make You Shoot Your Bow Better

by Cabe Johnson

It’s unlikely that anyone has ever told you to shoot a bad shot on purpose. However, when we received this… more »


Part 1: Spot-and-Stalk Hunting

by Randy Ulmer

To be a consistently successful spot-and-stalk hunter, you must be able to shoot well. You must be proficient under all… more »


Why Do Summer Bucks Disappear in the Fall?

by Bill Winke

The number one question I am asked relates to disappearing bucks. A hunter has kept his eye on a nice… more »


What To Know About Whitetail Outfitters

by Jason Snavely

Is whitetail outfitting dead in North America? Was it ever as good as we see on popular TV shows, or… more »


Repeat Your Bow Setup to Replicate Success

by Levi Morgan

Everyone has had that one setup that was money — that one bow they always shot better than any other. The… more »


Brett Keisel: From the Gridiron to the Treestand

by Emily Kantner

The Steelers had just suffered a gut-wrenching Thursday Night Football loss to the Tennessee Titans. A Friday team meeting —… more »

best bowhunting broadhead flight tips

4 Steps to Perfect Broadhead Flight

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Going from field tips to broadheads requires arrow tuning on a higher plane


Bow Review: Mathews HALON 32

by Jon E. Silks

Mathews Archery is dependable — the kind of company you can trust. Their people are quality-driven, and their products have… more »


Bow Review: Prime Centergy

by Jon E. Silks

Prime bows are stable performers each year, demonstrating excellent quality and sporting features that support the company’s slogan, “Designed to… more »


The 8 Best Bows for Women

by Emily Kantner

The 2017 archery season will be here before we know it, so if you ladies are intending to purchase a… more »


Top Women Bowhunters Tackle Tough Topics

by Emily Kantner

Following a look into the changing face of bowhunting, we hosted a live roundtable event with some of the most… more »


2017 Crossbow Accessories

by Bob Humphrey

By now, you’ve heard and read all sorts of things about the new-for-2017 crossbows, and if you’re in the market… more »


Evaluating and Fixing Your Missed Shots

by Randy Ulmer

A batting coach can tell more by watching the baseball than by focusing on the movement of the bat. Top… more »


Three Components of the Proper Anchor Position

by Levi Morgan

If you know archery, you know how important a consistent anchor position is. Most people think of anchoring as a… more »


How to Hunt Public Land Successfully

by Bill Winke

I always thought public-land hunting was a second-rate experience for the whitetail enthusiast — something you did only if you… more »