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Introducing the New Prime Rival, Ion, and One Series

by Bowhunting Online Staff

G5 Outdoors recently introduced three new bows to its lineup: The Prime Rival, Ion, and One Series, which includes One-STX… more »


How to Profile Mature Bucks and Improve Hunting Success

by Darren Warner

The deer had become the bane of my existence. That may be overemphasizing things a bit, but it’s accurate to… more »


Bowhunting 2014 Holiday Wish List

by Bowhunting Online Staff

If there’s one thing that’s true about nearly every bowhunter, it’s that we love new gear and gadgets. Whether it’s… more »


First Look: The BowTech Prodigy

by Jon E. Silks

Bowtech’s new Prodigy represents a beginning for the company. It’s a new way to offer customers and pro shops more… more »


First Look: Mathews NO CAM HTR

by Christian Berg

Mathews unveiled its 2015 bow lineup Wednesday, and the flagship NO CAM HTR was in my hands within hours. In… more »

The new Mathews HTR (left), TRG (second from left), Chill X Pro (second from right), and Z2 (right).

Introducing the New Mathews NO CAM HTR & TRG, Chill X Pro and Z2

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Tis the season bowhunters await with eager anticipation, when bow manufacturers unveil and introduce the latest and most innovative new… more »


Press Your Luck: Aggressive Whitetail Tactics During the Rut

by Christian Berg

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yet all… more »

The new Bowtech Prodigy (left) and Boss (right).

Introducing the New BowTech Prodigy and BowTech Boss

by Christian Berg

Some bowhunters seek maximum speed and power. Others prefer an effortless draw cycle for more comfortable shooting. And many seek… more »


Eight Killer Whitetail Tactics

by Patrick Meitin

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and certainly more than one way to bag a whitetail deer… more »


2014 Broadhead Test: Mechanical vs. Hemorrhage Bags

by Jon E. Silks

As part of our 2014 Mechanical Broadhead Battle, we conducted the “Hemorrhage Bag Test,” designed to simulate the performance of… more »


TenPoint Vapor Review

by Jon E. Silks

Born at the turn of the century, TenPoint has worked its way into the elite group of industry leaders. Through… more »


Bowfisherman Lands World Record Mako Shark

by Bowhunting Online Staff

No record is ever safe, especially when it comes to bowfishing mako sharks. Jeff Thomason, host of Predator Pursuit TV… more »


Center Shots: Best Deer Hunting Lessons

by Bowhunting Online Staff

When it comes to bowhunting deer, there’s very little Bowhunting field expert Bill Winke hasn’t done. But that doesn’t mean… more »


Mathews Creed XS Review

by Jon E. Silks

Mathews Archery brings an incredible array of technologies, materials, processes and manufacturing capabilities to bear on every product it makes…. more »


Introducing the Elite Synergy

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Building upon the success of the Energy series, Elite Archery is expanding their compound bow arsenal for 2015 with the… more »


Center Shots: How to Create Your Ultimate Treestand Kit

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Let’s be honest, some of us carry too much gear into the treestand for a whitetail hunt. While this may… more »


How to Plan Your Next DIY Hunt

by Patrick Meitin

Organizing an out-of-state — or even across-state — DIY bowhunt requires a great deal of advanced planning, homework and preparation…. more »


Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Review

by Jon E. Silks

The goal for the new Matrix Mega 405 is obvious—hit hard, crush bone and take down whatever is in your… more »


Ross Headhunter Review

by Jon E. Silks

Ross Archery is driven by the idea that the average bowhunter should be able to shoot a top rig without… more »


BowTech RPM 360 Review

by Jon E. Silks

BowTech has been very busy lately with the purchase of Excalibur Crossbow, launching a line of carbon-riser bows and introducing… more »