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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


To Fool a Big Buck’s Wary Nose, Scent Control Clothing Is a Must

by Lynn Burkhead

Got big dreams for a big buck this fall? Then you’ve got to beat a whitetail’s senses, starting with his… more »

Hoyt Nitrux

Bow Review: Hoyt Nitrux

by Jon E. Silks

Hoyt is one of the “big dogs” of bow manufacturing. Hoyt’s personnel, design capabilities and production processes are all top… more »

Hunter tuning bow

Common Bowhunting Equipment and Execution Errors

by Bill Winke

When our son asked me a few years ago if he could ride the four-wheeler over to a friend’s house… more »

Whitetail deer in field

At Odds on CWD in the Whitetail World

by Reid Vander Veen

Exploring the opposing views on Chronic Wasting Disease Ask around the hunting community about CWD lately, and you’re sure to… more »


10 Must-See Bowhunting Products for Whitetail

by Lynn Burkhead

If chasing whitetail during archery season is your thing, then take note of these helpful products to make your bowhunting… more »

Barnett Whitetail Pro

Crossbow Review: Barnett Whitetail Pro

by Jon E. Silks

Since Barnett’s beginnings way back in the 1960s, the company has made the industry better through many innovative and beneficial… more »

NAP Mantis Blind

Gear Review: NAP Mantis Series Blinds

by Christian Berg

This year has brought more innovations in the ground-blind market than we’ve seen in a decade, with the all-new Mantis… more »

Adam Hays with whitetail

Best Treestand Spots for Big Bucks

by Jason Snavely

Do you really think you’re an effective predator? As a wildlife biologist, I’ve studied the calculated stalking and ambushing methods… more »

Muzzy Addict bow

Gear Review: Muzzy Bowfishing Addict

by Emily Kantner

After our entire camp tagged out early on a recent pronghorn hunting trip, we spent a sunny day walking along… more »

TenPoint Nitro X

Crossbow Review: TenPoint Nitro X

by Jon E. Silks

TenPoint = crossbows and has for nearly a quarter century. They have been in the game so long I can… more »

Mathews Triax

Bow Review: Mathews Triax

by Jon E. Silks

Mathews is one of the most successful, technically advanced archery companies on the planet. If you want to feel good… more »

Single-pin and multi-pin bow sights

Should You Shoot a Single-Pin or Multi-Pin Bow Sight?

by Levi Morgan

Everyone has their reason for shooting the pin setup they choose. Some people get confused with multi-colored pins in the… more »

Bowhunter with grouse

4 Small Targets that Boost Big-Game Accuracy

by Darron McDougal

Sharpen your shooting skills on these challenging moving targets. If the only time you shoot at game is when the… more »

Drew Pellman with Wyoming whitetail

A Wyoming Whitetail-Pronghorn Double

by Drew Pellman

One. Two. Three. Four. Wait, four? Yes, I was watching four bucks headed down off the bank to my right… more »

Chipper Jones with bow

Hall of Famer Chipper Jones Talks Baseball and Bowhunting

by Christian Berg

In 1990, the Atlanta Braves selected Larry “Chipper” Jones as the No. 1 overall pick in the Major League Baseball… more »

Easy Venison Marinade Recipe

Easy Venison Marinade Recipe

by Jessyca Sortillon

If you need a simple, go-to marinade recipe for venison, this is it! This marinade recipe works great on just… more »

Mechanical broadhead

2018 Mechanical Broadhead Test

by Jon E. Silks

We Put 14 Popular Models Through the Wringer. Here’s How They Stacked Up. Getting a bunch of bowhunters together and… more »

extending shooting range

How to Add 10 Yards to Your Maximum Shooting Range

by Bill Winke

By simply increasing your maximum effective range from 25 yards to 35 yards, you significantly increase your odds of having… more »

creating deer mineral site

Do Minerals Work for Improving Deer Health?

by Jason Snavely

Last month, we discussed what’s really in a bag of food-plot seed and how to make sense of that without… more »

Get the Most Out of Your Rangefinder

Get the Most Out of Your Rangefinder

by Randy Ulmer

Some of the most expensive rangefinders available today aren’t accurate enough to be functional for bowhunters. Let me explain: Let’s… more »