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Bow Review: PSE Evolve 35

by Jon E. Silks

PSE is an archery industry icon, and the 2017 PSE Evolve 35 is proof that the company continues to innovate… more »


Bow Review: Hoyt Pro Defiant

by Jon E. Silks

Hoyt has expanded its Defiant series for 2017 with three new models — the Pro Defiant, Pro Defiant 34 and… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Hunting Innovations

by Drew Pellman

It’s almost impossible to remember every new product you saw after three straight days of walking the floor of the… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Youth Bows

by Spencer Neuharth

When I started shooting archery a decade ago, there were hardly any options designed for 14-year-old kids. My choices were… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Arrows

by Darron McDougal

Just when we thought arrow technology had run its course, the ATA Show floor proved us wrong. Below are some… more »


ATA 2017: Best Compound Bows for Women

by Spencer Neuharth

ATA announced in 2016 that there are nearly 5 million female archers. While this looks like an astonishing number, women… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Bow Sights

by Tony Peterson

I’ve been fortunate to try out an awful lot of bowhunting gear over the last decade, which admittedly, has been… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Broadheads

by Darron McDougal

2017’s broadhead lineup is a “cut” above, and we’ve got the best of best from the Archery Trade Show in… more »


Best New Crossbows

by Bob Humphrey

The new year brings with it a new crop of crossbows, ranging from all new companies and bows to modest… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Bows

by Tony Peterson

There is no product category at the Archery Trade Association show that causes the same buzz as bows. It makes… more »


Shoot Your Crossbow Better Today — Part 2

by Bob Humphrey

In the last issue, I offered some tips on how to improve the accuracy and precision out of your crossbow,… more »


The Budget Bowhunter

by Bill Winke

It is nothing to spend $800 or even $1,000 on a bow and another $500 on accessories and arrows. Fortunately,… more »


Coping with Hemorrhagic Disease

by Dr. Grant Woods

Last month, I shared information about Chronic Wasting Disease and the long-term impact it is having on deer populations across… more »


Tested: PSE RDX 400

by Jon E. Silks

PSE continues to forge ahead in the crossbow market with models that cover a wide range of applications and hunter… more »


Making Curfew

by Nick Pinizzotto

I first became acquainted with an Ohio buck I named Curfew following the 2014 season, when he showed up on… more »


A New Reign: 2017 Bowtech Flagship

by Drew Pellman

The time has now come and gone for the unveiling of Bowtech’s 2017 flagship bow — the Reign 6 and… more »


Are You Using a Proper Stabilizer Setup?

by Randy Ulmer

I have to admit; I’m very conflicted over whether to use a stabilizer on my hunting bow. The dilemma is… more »


Have You Tried These Proven Rut Tactics ?

by Bill Winke

Give me a beginner and a week of vacation during the best days of the rut, and seven days later… more »


Shoot Your Crossbow Better Today — Part I

by Bob Humphrey

Want to make your crossbow shoot better? Of course you do! The good news is, there’s much you can do… more »


Best Holiday Gifts for Bowhunters

by Drew Pellman

Bowhunters are a unique group of individuals. We all readily admit that. New bow equipment might be our favorite thing… more »