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Photo by Ron Sinfelt

How Far Can Deer See In The Dark?

by Bill Winke 8

Q: During the early season, I hunt agricultural fields and food plots. There seems to be no good way to… more »

The perfect hunting arrow

Bill Winke’s Tips For Arrow Building

by Bill Winke 0

QUESTION: I am getting back into archery after 20 years and I would like to build my own arrows. Can… more »

drop-away rest

How Do You Tune a Bow with a Drop-Away Rest?

by Bill Winke 0

Question: My bow will not tune with a drop-away rest. The pro shop owner says some bows will not tune… more »


What’s the Best Bowhunting Advice for a Successful Season?

by Bill Winke 0

Question: I am 15 years old. This past season I had several opportunities at deer, yet never scored. I am… more »

Mossy Oak

What Game Animal Gets You Fired Up?

by Bill Winke 1

Question: As a guide, I am in the woods either hunting or guiding about 100 plus days a year. I… more »


What Are the Best Terrain Deer Signs to Look For?

by Bill Winke 0

Question:When hunting big woods, what are the best terrain features to look for when trying to find deer signs? —Joe… more »


How Do I Fix Bow Torque?

by Bill Winke 0

Question: I am right-handed and sometimes my arrow flies significantly to the left. It doesn’t happen all of the time,… more »


What Should I Plant in a Small Food Plot?

by Bill Winke 0

Question: “I have 6 acres to work with and 3 acres are pasture for horses. I would like to find… more »


How Does Vision Affect Accuracy for Bowhunters?

by Bill Winke 1

Question: I am getting old. As I get fatter, so do my glasses. I am having a harder time gaining… more »

making a clutch shot

How Do I Correct Excessive Whipping with Aluminum Arrows?

by Bill Winke 1

Question: I shoot aluminum arrows with a Whisker Biscuit. My arrows whip from left to right when I shoot. Why?… more »

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