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How Do I Deal With Ticks While Hunting?

by Bill Winke   |  October 16th, 2012 6

I started bowhunting last year, but the bugs and seed ticks tear me up. What can I use to stop them and not spook deer? — Greg Litvinchyk, Ellsinore, MO

Thanks for that question, Greg, it’s a really good one. There are three solutions I am aware of that will work well when dealing with ticks. First, Cabela’s sells an undergarment  system called Bug Skinz that will keep them off your legs and upper body. This is a good system that I have used before. It is kind of warm on hot days, but worth it for sure.

The second method I have used on short trips outdoors during the late summer is to simply duct tape the cuffs of my pants to the tops of my boots. This works great and keeps the ticks on the outside. Of course, if you are going to be outside for long periods you will want more protection for your upper body.

The third method is a product from Game Hide called Elimi-Tick. This is a clothing line that has tick repellant built right into the fabric. I am not sure if it smells to the deer or not, but Game Hide promotes it heavily for bowhunters who are affected by ticks.

One of these three methods should work well for you. The first two are for sure odorless, though I’m not as familiar with the third method. A little more research is no doubt in order. Good luck.

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