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How Do I Deal With Ticks While Hunting?

by Bill Winke 6

I started bowhunting last year, but the bugs and seed ticks tear me up. What can I use to stop… more »


5 Best Pieces of Bowhunting Advice

by Bill Winke 5

I have received plenty of good advice over the years on how to shoot a bow. In this column, I… more »


Do Ladder Stands Spook Deer?

by Bill Winke 11

I just bought a ladder stand and I was wondering if this kind of stand will spook the deer.  How… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Hunting Spooked Deer

by Bill Winke 3

I shot a doe on opening day of archery season on a large tract of public land. Can I keep… more »

photo by Ron Sinfelt

Can Deer Tell How Far Away a Source of an Odor Is?

by Bill Winke 3

QUESTION: Can deer determine how far away the origin of the scent actually is? If I have a treestand within… more »


“No Sign” Strategies for Bucks

by Bill Winke 0

Even though a buck may spend most of the year in a square mile area, he can fail to leave… more »


Getting the Most from a Whisker Biscuit

by Bill Winke 10

Whisker Biscuit rests are notorious for chewing up flimsy plastic vanes. There are a few things you can do to… more »


When Are The Best Days To Hunt The Rut?

by Bill Winke 5

There are two ways to look at the rut, depending on what kind of buck you are trying to shoot…. more »


How To Create A Whitetail Hunting Habitat

by Bill Winke 2

Q: My dad and I have a 60-acre crop farm. We are looking for information on how to create a… more »


Tactics For Managing Whitetail Hunting Information

by Bill Winke 1

There is a wealth of information contained in the years of experience we all have accumulated.  I am as guilty… more »

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