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ATA Show 2014 Arrows & Broadheads

Introducing the Easton Carbon BowFire Arrow

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  January 15th, 2014 2

Easton was on hand at the 2014 ATA Show in Nashville, Tenn., for the release of its newest arrow, the Easton Carbon BowFire. A distinctive feature of the Carbon BowFire is the new 3HD graphics technology printed on the arrow that runs from the entire length of the shaft. The Carbon BowFire is a fast, accurate and straight shooting arrow for excellent penetration in the vital zone to produce those desired quick-kills. The Carbon BowFire has a suggested retail of $74.99.

  • Richard

    In the July issue there is an article of Instant Accuracy on page 50. The article did not state the noise that a full helical vane arrow shot at over 276 fps would make. In my testing of full helical vanes verses a 3 degree off set arrow, in actual hunting situations, the full helical gave off so much buzz that a buck at 18yds was able to duck my arrow traveling at 296 fps. Needless to say, I keep my arrow speeds at 276 fps now with full helical and 3 degree off set arrows. The full helical arrows with broad heads also drop your arrow speed so much that the arrows will be way off at 40 yds.

  • Joe

    very cool

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