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Introducing the Nockturnal Lighted Predator Bolt and Nock

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  January 14th, 2014 0

Nockturnal was on hand at the 2014 ATA Show in Nashville, Tenn., for the release of its newest crossbow bolt and nock, the Nockturnal Lighted Predator Bolt and Nock. The Lighted Predator Nock features a¬†urethane molding over an aluminum body, which strengthen it so there’s no worry about cracking. Also, the Lighted Predator Nock is developed to work with either half or flat moon designs and comes in two sizes. The Lighted Predator Nock has a suggested retail of $34.99 and the Lighted Predator Bolt is $59.99 for a three-pack and should be available in February or March.


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