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ATA Show 2016: HSS Hanger Harness

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  January 11th, 2016 0

“This is a working man’s harness.”

That’s how the Hunter Safety System rep described this revolutionary product. The harness is not only there to keep you safe, but also made to be your assistant when it comes to hanging treestands. With tons of pockets and loops, you’ll be able to wear your toolbox on your hips.

This harness is also ideal for those hunters who don’t want to use the same harness for hunting as they do for hanging stands. Now you can have a harness that you wear with any clothes and don’t have to be conscious of scent with, while keeping your scent free hunting harness separate.

The harness debuted at ATA Show 2016, but won’t be available until this summer. The expected MSRP is $99.


This harness was one of the most impressive safety products at ATA Show 2016.

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