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Introducing the 2016 QAD Ultra-Rest MXT

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  January 14th, 2016 0

QAD announces the Ultra-Rest MXT, an improvement for 2016 on their Ultra-Rest line. They set out to design the best micro-adjustable arrow rest on the market.

The MXT features the smallest discrete increment adjustment at just .00195″ per click of the adjustment knob. At 16 clicks per revolution, this means the rest will move 1/32 of an inch (.03125″) per revolution of the adjustment knob.

To further aide in tuning the arrow rest, there are 16 hash marks on the adjustment knobs which coincide with the hash marks on the housing and vertical. When the adjustment knobs are set to zero, the indicator triangle will line up with a hash mark on the housing or vertical.

Some updated features are that the Capture Bar now moves with the housing and thinner thumbwheel which allows for a smaller profile. There is also the redesigned mounting block, which features a dome sticker that covers up ugly Berger hole bolts. At just 2.9 oz, it’s a featherweight rest.


The QAD Ultra-Rest MXT features the Anti-Backlash System, which adds a spring component to the adjustment nut to eliminate slop.

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