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ATA 2018: Top New Bows

by Tony Peterson   |  January 13th, 2018 0


Is there a better way for a bowhunter to ring in the new year than by checking out the 2018 bow models? No, there is not. Manufacturers have dropped some killer options on us, and anyone looking to part with some Benjamins and pick up a fresh flagship is in for a tough choice.


Following are 11 brand-new bows worthy of your consideration.

Mathews TRIAX

The great bow minds behind Mathews have focused on producing ultra-quiet bows that harness the most efficiency out of their cam systems as possible, which is why we have the TRIAX today. This bow measures 28 inches between axles, features a six-inch brace height, and through the revolutionary Crosscentric Cam system, can send arrows downrange at 343fps. To achieve those speeds while maintaing a whisper-quiet shot cycle, the 3D Damping Technology of the TRIAX address the three points of contact that produce the most vibration and hushes them up. Anyone who is in the market for a new bow and doesn’t at least shoot a TRIAX is not doing themselves any favors.


Mathews TRIAX

Bear Archery Kuma

I don’t know how Bear produces bows that perform the way they do for the price they’re offered at. Easily some of the best bow deals on the market have come from Bear, with the 33-inch Kuma no exception. This 4.3-pound bow can generate arrow speeds of 345fps, and is a marvel in efficiency and technology with its Bear Cage riser, dual SonicStops, and SHOCKWAVES limb dampeners. Choose from either Badlands Approach or the slick-looking Iron finish for the Kuma, which is available in draw weights of 55 – 70 pounds.


Bear Archery Kuma

Bowtech Archery Realm

I firmly believe that Bowtech employs some of the best engineers out there given the amount of game-changing technology they come up with every year. Case-in-point is the new 30.75-inch Realm and its Clutch Performance grip, PowerShift Technology, CP Dual Lock system, and of course, the OverDrive Binary Cams. The 4.3-pound Realm can produce arrow speeds up to 340fps and is a dream to shoot with its just-over-seven-inch brace height.


Bowtech Archery Realm

Cabela’s Insurgent Compound-Bow Package

Not everyone can, or wants, to spend over a grand for a bow and then start the process of picking up accessories. This is where bows like Cabela’s latest come in. This $550 package contains the Insurgent, which is a four-pound, 31-inch rig that can produce arrow speeds up to 320fps. What’s better than that, however, is that it comes fully outfitted with every accessory you need to walk out of the store and onto the range (and then into the woods).


Cabela’s Insurgent

Elite Archery Enlist

If you think most of these bows are untouchable because of their price, check out the Enlist which wears a $749 price tag. This is a first for Elite, and is likely to please the bowhunting masses. The Enlist is designed with a shade-under-seven-inch brace height, weighs 3.9 pounds, and can produce arrow speeds up to 325fps. It’s also outfitted with a Winner’s Choice bow string, and shoots just like you’d expect an Elite offering to shoot – very, very well.


Elite Archery Enlist

Gearhead Archery Hunter Series T18

A truly unconventional bow comes your way from Gearhead Archery, where engineers have done what they do well, which is design a new product that breaks the mold while providing killer performance. Such is the case with the Hunter Series T18, a 6061-grade aluminum offering that tips the scales at only 3.1 pounds and is available in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-pound peak draw weights (draw lengths of 24 – 30 inches). The Hunter Series converts from left-handed to right-handed by simply removing a few fasteners, making the T18 even more versatile.


Gearhead Archery Hunter Series T18

Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1

Hoyt is firing on all cylinders these days, and if you want to feel like you’ve got the Rolls Royce of bows in your hand, consider the new REDWRX Carbon RX-1. This 32-inch bow utilizes the QuadFlex limbs and ZT HYPER Cams to produce arrow speeds of 340fps. It weighs a shade under four pounds, and is designed to produce strain-free shooting posture, which as you can imagine, does wonders for your ability to hit what you’re aiming at. This is a benefit while punching foam in the backyard, but the revolutionary design of the RX-1 really shows itself when you’re on the side of a mountain ready to punch an elk tag or are doing treestand gymnastics in order to skewer a buck that has slipped behind you.


Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1

Obsession Bows Fixation 6M

Obsession Bows has been quietly amassing a loyal following during recent years thanks to offerings like their new Fixation 6M. This 32.25-inch bow is one of the fastest on the market, with advertised arrow speeds of up to 354fps, which is made possible partially through the game-changing Dynamic Energy Cam. The Fixation 6M is anchored by the new XP Riser, which is ultra-stiff and designed to reduce flex while adding serious stability throughout the shot. This 4.5-pound bow is offered in peak draw weights of 40 – 70 pounds, and more finish options than just about any bow out there.


Obsession Bows Fixation 6M

Prime Logic

It’s hard to understand what makes Prime Bows special by just looking at them. It’s not until you have one set up to your specs, tuned, and ready to shoot that you can appreciate what has gone into the design. Prime’s offerings, like the new 31-inch Logic, are so accurate that I think they may be responsible for more Robin Hoods at the range than any other model. This can be attributed to the Centergy technology, as well as Prime’s cam design, both of which work in concert to create a tack driver of a bow. The Logic weighs 4.3 pounds, features a seven-inch brace height, and can churn out arrows at up to 330fps.


Prime Logic

PSE Carbon Air Stealth EF

When the engineers at PSE got into carbon, they got into it in a big way and that has changed how we look at bows. This is evidenced clearly by the new Carbon Air Stealth, which produces legit 350fps arrow speeds. It also utilizes the new Flex Rod System, titanium hardware, and LiveWire strings. This bow weighs a feathery 3.2 pounds, is offered in draw weights of 50, 60, 65, and 70 pounds, and draw lengths up to 31 inches.


PSE Carbon Air Stealth

Xpedition Perfexion XL

A lot of bowhunters like to punch Xs in the off-season to keep their archery game as sharp as possible, and to really compete, they need a target bow like Xpedition’s latest. The Perfexion XL features an eight-inch brace height, an unprecedented six inches of draw length adjustment, and a clean design that allows for consistency when it counts – every single time you step up to the line. Naturally, if you enjoy shooting the Perfexion XL during your winter league, you’ll probably want to check out Xpedition’s hunting lineup too, because they’ve got some killer options there as well.


Xpedition Perfexion XL

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