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New Bowhunting Radio Episode: The Dean of DIY

by Christian Berg 2

If you are a do-it-yourself bowhunter who enjoys planning your own adventures and finding quality hunting options on a budget,… more »


Late-Season Strategies for Whitetails

by Dr. Grant Woods 1

I live and do a majority of my deer hunting in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. Missouri offers bowhunters two buck tags…. more »


How to Pattern Buck Movement in the Rut

by Bob Humphrey 5

The rut. Mere mention of the term stirs the blood of any die-hard whitetail hunter. It’s a dynamic period when… more »


How Important Is Pre-Season Elk Scouting?

by Patrick Meitin 0

All you elk hunters out there are no doubt rearing to go, spending every spare moment and weekend investing in… more »


The Elk-Hunting Code

by Patrick Meitin 3

Elk seasons will soon be upon us. After 30-some years of passionately chasing elk – 23 of those spent guiding… more »


Second Chance Axis Deer

by Christian Berg 2

Petersen’s BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg whiffs on a Texas axis deer doe but gets an unexpected chance to make some… more »


Win a BowTech Insanity & Antelope Hunt Here!

by Christian Berg 0

  BowTech has announced its annual “Need for Speed Sweepstakes,” which will award the lucky winner with a 2012 Insanity… more »


New Season and New Gear for Black Bear

by Patrick Meitin 0

I was making preparations for Idaho’s spring bear season and had a chance encounter with our “son-in-law” – my wife’s… more »

Although she missed a huge, drop-tine buck on the first day of the hunt, bowhunter Jana Waller hung tough and took this fine 4x4 muley on her final day on the Alberta prairie. It was her first mule deer and a fitting end to a memorable trip.

Mule Deer Maiden Voyage

by Jim Kinsey 0

Crawling through waist-deep barley after the fresh rain only helped our efforts to close the distance on the huge, drop-tined… more »

Editor Christian Berg poses with the trio of boars he killed during the first morning of his hunt with Osceola Outfitters. The hunt, while brief, was extremely exciting.

Hog Heaven: Bowhunting Florida Hogs

by Christian Berg 3

If the swamps of Central Florida are hog-hunting heaven, William “Hoppy” Kempfer is a sporting Saint Peter — greeting bowhunters… more »

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