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Primitive Black Bear

by Patrick Meitin 0

From the very conception of my bowhunting madness, my ambitions have remained in a perpetual state of flux. All but… more »


Bowhunting Spring Black Bear

by Patrick Meitin 3

Here’s your playbook for western spring black bear hunting. Spring seasons offered on a tightly-controlled basis: Oregon (April 1 —… more »


Pointblank Moose!

by Staff Report 0

Check out these up close and exciting ground-level kill shots on North American’s largest antlered animal. http://brightcove=1526781204001 Want more action… more »


Plan An Alaska Float Trip For Moose Hunting

by Patrick Meitin 1

An Alaskan float trip might be the most affordable option a moose hunting adventure.

Ten-year-old Logan Maust of Smock, Pa., took this wide 8-pointer last fall using an Excalibur crossbow. New regulations adopted in Kansas will allow youth hunters there to use crossbows in that state's big-game seasons.

Kansas Expands Crossbow Use for Youth, Seniors

by Christian Berg 0

  Wildlife officials in Kansas voted last week to allow youth hunters (ages 15 and under) and senior hunters (ages… more »


Get Your Spring Food Plot Advice Here!

by Christian Berg 0

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about this early spring weather, and I can’t wait to get… more »


Win a Trophy Moose Hunt from WASP Archery

by Christian Berg 0

If you are anything like me, a backcountry bowhunt for moose is high on your list of adventures to do… more »


Virginia Elk Restoration Gets Official Go Ahead

by Christian Berg 1

I got a news release today from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation saying that wildlife officials in Virginia elk restoration… more »


Is This the Ultimate Arrow/Broadhead Combo for Big Game?

by Christian Berg 11

Most contemporary bowhunters shoot arrows that are relatively light by traditional archery standards. And the broadheads we use are far… more »

Recent license sales gains in states such as Pennsylvania indicate that hunting's demise may not be as imminent as some predicted.

Hunting a Dying Sport? I’m Not Buying It!

by Christian Berg 9

  Lots of people like to talk about how hunting is a dying sport. But after looking at the most… more »

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