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Patrick Meitin: Out West

Absolute Nugent

by Patrick Meitin   |  April 19th, 2012 33

Even by Ted Nugent standards, it was a bit over the top. If you have no idea what I’m talking about — say you’ve just flown in from the Alaskan bush following a 20-day spring brown bear hunt  — find your crib notes here. On its basis, I ardently agree with everything “Uncle Ted” has to say. I’m certainly no fan of our current socialist (arguably illegal) regime and its big ideas straight out of the Leninist playbook. I’m scared to death of another Obama presidency, but not in the utterly paranoid manner The Nuge came across last week.

One line of Nugent’s impassioned speech sticks in my head; the part where Nugent said if Obama is re-elected he would either “be dead or in jail by this time next year.” I immediately took this to mean Nugent feared the Democratic National Committee directly assassinating him, or at least tossing him in jail as a political enemy, like they might do in, say, the Soviet Union of old. This was just my immediate interpretation. Only Nugent can confirm exactly what he meant, but the implication was that he is important enough to warrant such extreme measures by a powerful group who wants him silenced.

Which is really the problem with Nugent. Sure, he’s a rock star, on the basis of which he’s generated a mediocre TV show, set himself up as a bowhunting celebrity (complete with manufacturer endorsements, of course) and, more importantly for the sake of this discussion, a self-proclaimed spokesman for America’s sportsmen. His inflated self-worth is common knowledge inside the hunting industry.

VOTE: Did Ted Nugent go too far with his comments regarding President Obama at the NRA Show?

Yet, we largely embrace Nugent because he’s useful. Rock star status means he’s gained the ear of those out of reach to mere hunters, because liberals, not believing in God, worship celebrities and politicians instead. This fact was driven home to me in a Phoenix airport; a surly airline employee nastily refused to check my hard bow case (not quite as unwieldy as, say, bagged golf clubs, which were being fast-laned into baggage handling), relenting only after spying a Ted Nugent bumper sticker on the case’s side (it was one among hundreds I’ve picked up at sports shows and have added to provide instant ID while seeking gear on airport baggage carousels).

Nugent is handed the microphone ordinary citizens are automatically denied. I’ve observed Nugent interviews on mainstream forums that were utterly remarkable, because he’s a conservative and a hunter – and in most cases, people were applauding his positions while laughing raucously.

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But … I’ve cringed as often as I’ve applauded, as I did while listening to his recent “rant” (as the Mainstream Liberal Media – MLM – is giddily pointing out now), because if he’s “our” spokesman, he sometimes makes us appear exactly what the MLM would like to believe we are: a bunch of dangerous extremists and wild-eyed kooks. Using terms such as “chop off their heads” will predictably be taken literally by the MLM.

There’s no doubt we’re in the fight for our lives in this next election – and it’s not just about gun ownership and our beloved hunting lifestyle. Don’t even get me started about the unjust redistribution of wealth. We are a nation founded on a belief in God and unalienable rights for all men. No matter that these virtues are clearly stated in the Constitution, socialist lawmakers seem intent on shredding.

This, I’m guessing, is what Nugent was trying to get across. I just wish he would quit making it so easy for the MLM to make the rest of us Average Joe hunters out as neo-conservative crazies.

  • Craig

    That's a tough one-I love Ted's music and his overall demeanor. I also think it's great to see a "long hair metal guy" breaking down stereotypes. But has he broke them down too far? Personally, I think he could ad some environmental awareness to his campaign and that would counter-act the anti-democratic assault.Sportmen are the original conservationists and we don't hear enough about that. Also, IMO, anyone that can get behind either of the 2 political parties with any real zest doesn't have the big picture. I understand choosing the lesser of 2 evils, but to fake it and they're going to change things so dramatically and that one's good and one's bad is just BS. Let's be real, neither are great. Let's tread water with whomever until we put some real thought into the situation and stop treating politics like an FN college bowl game. The "us vs them" model doesn't work. That's the truth. Let's get a real CEO to run the country and just do what's right. I do applaud Ted and Bowhunting for giving a shit. THANKS

    • Damien

      Well said Craig.

    • @KGS8888

      FYI-Dear "Sister" I've been a logger and arborist for over 20years, I fish and hunt, and can assure you I am no pansy. If you'll look closely, You'll see I was providing legitimate input to the conversation. I expressed that I liked Ted's music and also thanked Ted and Bowhunter for providing their input. Saying that the "us vs them model doesn't work" is not saying "we should all just get along". It's saying neither of the parties are anything special and the political system has some serious flaws. Now I'll go "Ted" on you—Get a brain, bitch, or ask to borrow one before you reply and act like fool. No offense intended to women in general, just this one.

      • @KGS8888

        Really??? I'm sorry, I thought you were simply another crazy bowhunter. But now I'm guessing your probably just some dude causing trouble and found this site by accident. If you really want to piss people off, try to make your BS more realistic. Again, you're making a fool of yourself.

  • Keith

    I was appalled to here such a hatchet job, hunting show or personal; on Mr. Nugent coming from Petersens Bowhunting; it's enough to make me rethink my continuing to recieve our magazine. If you're not out there speaking the truth, then stop being part of the problem and get out of the way!!!

    • Christian Berg


      Hatchet job? We aren't taking sides. All we did is provide Uncle Ted with a forum to express his views and allow one staff member to offer some comments of his own.

      It's then up to you – and everyone else – to make up their mind on where they stand. It's called the marketplace of ideas. We don't tell you what to think, but we do think part of our job is giving you something to THINK ABOUT.

      Judging from the number of comments this topic has generated, I'd say we accomplished that goal!

      Editor Christian Berg

      • @KGS8888

        Good response Christian. Ted has some valid points, and I understand being pissed off at about some of those, but If I'm to be "respresented" as a hunter, I'd probably pick Dwight Shue or Cameron Hanes. But I bet they don't have the stomach nor the desire to be so involved in the political system. Getting past the people just lash out without understanding the question would be a great start. Geez, at least in this forum you'd think someone would say "Hey, we both hunt, what issues do we really agree or disagree on and why?"

  • Tim

    When did the Fox Netwok take over Peterson Publishing? Is the Patrick Meltin Show on after Palin? To bad there is not more of a middle in politicts today. This crap of believe what I say or you are a Socialist is so stupid. Does Ted really need more attention?
    I will not subscribe to this magazine again.

  • TxCoon

    Ted has more patriotism in his pinky than the entire Democratic party's outlandish leaders. Of course liberal media will spin it whichever way it suits them in order to whip up the mindless masses. Whatever happened to thinking for yourself? Uncle Ted could have toned it down a bit and anyone who remotely knows who Ted Nugent is, knows and realizes how enthusiastic he can be.

    • Tim

      Thinking for yourself is called being an Independent.

  • Kurt

    I think Craig hit the nail on the head when he said "'The us vs them' model doesn't work." 15 years ago I could discuss politics with friends, we could disagree and still be friends and respect each other. Now, things have gotten so polarized, if you disagree with something someone else says, then you are "the enemy"! That is crazy! The fact of the matter is, we are all americans. We should be on the same team. When we become this divided, america loses and our true enemies win. United we stand, divided we fall. Sound familiar?

  • Kurt

    In Patrick's article he talks about liberals worshipping celebrities and not God. Not only is that just not true, but why does he even care who or what someone else believes. Don't just look at the 2nd amendment, you have to look at the whole constitution. The 1st amendment gives everyone in America the right to believe in or worship anything they want. This country wasn't founded on a belief in God, it was founded on a belief in freedom for all citizens. It is perfectly fine to disagree with any politician and to speak up about it, but if you are going to be a "spokesperson" for a group of people (Like Nugent claims to be), you need to watch HOW you say things. IMO, all he accomplished by his remarks was to reinforce the stereotype of sportsmen being belligerent crazy people lacking self control. Why hand people ammunition to use against your cause?

  • Patrick Meitin

    Kurt, This country certainly WAS founded on a belief in God. Read your money (the back of any US bill), it reads, "In God We Trust." For the time being.

    • Dave Stillwell

      Well, "In God we trust" was not on paper currency until 1957. It was added to some coins starting in 1864; however, the United States of America was found on a belief in God, and it is in the first paragraph of our founding document, "The Declaration of Independence."

      "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

      As far as the Nuge is concerned, he can say what he wants as long as he is not preaching insurrection. Moreover, I pay about as much attention to his speeches as I do Tom Morello's from RATM.

      • Tim

        Very well said Dave.

  • David

    Wow, I thought Petersons was a hunting magazine not a political rag. I believe I have recieved my last copy. So very unfortunate that we have political agendas forced down our throats everytime we turn a page. I believe the only man that speaks for me is me. To get behind someone such as Ted, whom believe it or not has an agenda himself….making money!! He is a rock star, turned self apointed leader of the Sportsman world. All of this is to raise ratings for his shows and the brands that support him. To bad everything is so very one sided on these issues. Right vs. Left. I can honestly say this. When I open a hunting magazine or go to a hunting website I want to read about hunting. Not what the self appointed celebs of the world think about how I should vote or spend the hard earned money I make. This is ridiculous.

  • Christian Berg

    David, we are not "behind" Ted. We're simply providing some discussion on the issues of the day. Everybody gets to make up his or her own mind about it. This is America, after all.

    I suggest you read the commentary from Field Editor Patrick Meitin for another viewpoint on Ted:

    And, for what it's worth, what we discuss on our online community does mean we are a "political rag." The magazine is still going to be all bowhunting, all the time. Does that mean we can't dip our toes into the water of current events in other forums?

    Editor Christian Berg

    • Christian Berg

      Wow. That was insightful.

  • Sam

    Well said Patrick. I like Nuge as much as most and he has the right to say what he wants – as do we all. However, if he can lay down criticism then expect some back. Ted's show, not as good as some but better than others. Obviously he is very in tune with his sponsors as he spends most the show plugging them. They make money, he makes money, American capitalism at its best. The only thing Ted hypes more than anti-Obama actions is himself. An endless self promoter with an ego the size of Texas and Michigan combined. On the positive he is out there, doing and saying what he believes, whenever a mic and a camera is even remotely close. But the core of what Ted says is correct, we have the right to bear arms and use them in self defense, hunting or recreation and we have the right to hunt legally, and we should never let anyone stop us from doing it. Keep going Ted, just stay on point and rein it in every once in a while so you don't look like a complete idiot.

  • hoppies56

    nothing but glorifled poacher, plead guilty to kiling illegal bear in alaska also lost hunting rights in caif. for baiting and failure to sign tag. most of what ted nugent say is all for show.

    • Sam

      Just saw that on the news yesterday a couple hours after my original post. So now I say I like him less than most others. He has just ruined everything he says he stands for. Wonder how all those sponsors are liking him now. The fine should have been $100k – send people a message that deliberate hunting violations are not something we as a community will stand for. Not sure I want Ted belonging to the community any more.

  • Tom W

    I applaud Petersons for publishing both articles. As much as we would like to seperate outselves from politics while hunting our sport has a lot of political enimies whom's actions we must remain vigalent of. Teds personality is over the top so it should be no suprise when he explosively makes his observations known. We must stay engaged in the poltics that surround our sport to ensure it survives and Petersons is right to bring these events to our attention. None of us can afford to have an appathetic responce to our attackers so if you don't want to be on the front lines then get out of the way of the people who do! If that means you cancel your subscription so be it but a better action would be to get involved. Either way we will still be here fighting for your RIGHTS too.

    • @KGS8888

      Unfortunately must agree

  • hoppies56

    Iam a bowhunter and army vet, also an america, born and raised. but if you would listen to some iam not , why because i to am a democrate. ted nuge is just a over pd loud mouth, who on one hand rolls himself in the american flag, and on the other hand breaks the game laws set by the same goverment . if he would shoot an illegal bear , and bait when he knew it was illegal . I would not want him at my hunting camp.

  • Robert

    Nugent sucks and so does the magazine!

  • Robert

    I am so glad I don't get this rag any longer. I just got the latest issue , because you keep sending it and it is the same lousy articles and 99.9999999% adds . Get a grip on this publication before others smarten up and stop waisting their hard earned money on toilet paper. Your sales person over the phone was trying to tell me how much the magazine has changed . What a load of crap. I can't bite my tongue any longer. Please get contributors that have half a brain.

  • Larry

    Ted or anyone killing an transporting an animal illegally isn't very good publicity for us bowhunters. With his public image, it makes it even worse

  • Andy

    This author seems to be writing for the wrong magazine. After found taking game illegally; I would have thought the hunting community would distance themselves from this guy.

  • Andrew

    I think Ted is a great guy who is willing and to say the thing that need to said.As far as the him giving hunting bad image it is bull Ted has been helping the Wounded warriors,Taking sick kids on hunting trips and fighting animal right groups for years.He has donated more meat to hunters for the hungry program then Lee and Tiffany and The Durry Brothers.If Ted is a writer for Peterson's Bowhunting I think its great .

  • Steve

    Ted is over the top but we need guys like him that aren't afraid to speak up. Same effect Chuck had for the NRA years ago. It's time to speak up and fight the trash coming from the anti's with the same techniques they use. If you have to be belligerent then so be it. Hunt, fish, get outdoors and enjoy it regardless of what some one says that's never done it before. Is Ted perfect? Far from it but he's a much bigger help than hinderance.

  • Brent

    Seriously? When I turn to PB I don't want a sermon straight from the vile mouth of Rush! Not all people who subscribe are of the same political viewpoint as you. You would be wise to keep it to matters most bowhunters are interested in because in all the years I've bought my licenses, being republican is NOT a requirement. Save the politics or rename it Republican's Bowhunting, or at least ask for political affiliation on your subscription form!

  • Mike in Florida

    Ahh Teddy, the man who sang '" WANG TANG SWEET POTANG" . Oh heya not thats what I call real conservative! You know what I am tired of people complaining and blaming everything on the president. While in my opinion he has not done much to improve the economy, he is still our present! Just like you backed President Bush, even though he helped run this beloved country of ours to the ground! I will always vote for the best for the job in my opinion. Voting for someone just because he is affiliated with one particular party is just insane! You know one of the reasons this country of ours is so great is that after a election, no matter who wins the election the next day nothing really changes. One more thing, this country was founded on God's will. God loves us all, whether you are a Democrat or Republican. God will never turn his back on us. He will never stand for HATING SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH HIS OR HERS OPINION! God bless America and have a great day!

  • Jeff in Minnesota

    Ted is a draft dodging pile of hypocrisy. He spouts devotion and sacrifice to country while soiling himself to avoid it himself. He spouts respect to the 2nd amendment but breaks the laws that others follow. He had his chance to sacrifice and instead he failed as a citizen of this great country now he wraps his vile opinions in the American flag. Get rid of this loser and quit giving him a podium to spew his hatred. He is not a good representative of the millions of law abiding sportspeople of this country.

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