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Patrick Meitin takes you into the backcountry of America’s wide open west. Calling Kendrick, Idaho home, Meitin has several decades of bowhunting experience west of the Mississippi chasing everything from elk, mule deer, antelope, cougars more.


Western Turkey Hunting Checklist

by Patrick Meitin 3

Turkey hunting the West is different.  It’s more wide open and spread out, space on public lands seemingly unlimited. Western… more »


Plan An Alaska Float Trip For Moose Hunting

by Patrick Meitin 1

An Alaskan float trip might be the most affordable option a moose hunting adventure.


Bowhunting Turkey! 5 Steps To Arrowing A Boss Tom

by Patrick Meitin 5

Bowhunting turkey isn’t the parlor trick many believe. Here are five ways you can punch a tag on a longbeard with your bow.


Western Bowhunting is the Best

by Patrick Meitin 2

“The West is the best.  Just get here and we’ll do the rest,” sang Doors’ front man Jim Morrison in… more »

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