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$15,000 from Pink Lumenok Sales Donated to Fight Against Cancer

by Christian Berg   |  March 1st, 2012 1

Curt Price, president of the Burt Coyote Co., presents a check for more than $15,000 to Mary Hale of The Pink Arrow Project at the 2012 Archery Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio.

We spend most of our time here at Petersen’s BOWHUNTING talking about hunting strategies and the latest bowhunting gear. We don’t spend a whole lot of time on behind-the-scenes stuff within the archery industry, but in this case, I think it’s worth making an exception. The Burt Coyote Co., makers of Lumenok illuminated arrow nocks, recently donated more than $15,000 from the sales of its pink Lumenok products to The Pink Arrow Project.

The Pink Arrow Project is an archery industry program that encourages manufacturers to develop pink products and donate a portion of the sales proceeds. Monies raised by the Project are funneled into a variety of projects the aid the fight against cancer. The Burt Coyote Co. is just one of many notable companies in the archery business that offer products that support The Pink Arrow Project. Others include Victory Archery, Bohning, Lakewood Products, Innerloc, Doinker, Viper Archery, Alpen Optics and more. All of these companies — and the hunters who purchase the products — deserve an attaboy for their support of such a worthwhile cause!

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