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Cool Duds for My Button Bucks

by Christian Berg   |  June 8th, 2012 2

Those boys you see in the photo above are mine.

Toby is 8, and Timmy is 6. They’re both into archery already, and Toby just started shooting in his first league with his new PSE Chaos. Timmy is just strong enough to start drawing his brand new Bear Apprentice 2, so he feels like pretty big stuff, even if we haven’t yet introduced a peep sight and release aid. We try to shoot together at least a couple times a week.

A couple months ago, I found out about a new company called Button Buck that is making a line of really cool kids clothing that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle. I brought home a couple of their hats and shirts and gave them to the boys, and lo and behold, they loved the stuff. I never said a thing about them, but those shirts have become some of thier favorites and will be worn out before we know it. Makes me wonder if maybe I’m doing something right…


Button Buck was founded by Brad Christian and his wife, Laura. The self-described “modern hunters” said they were inspired to create the stylish, high-quality line after they started a family of their own and discovered there was nothing available for their kids except “cheesy” hunting T-shirts.

As Brad says, ” If our goal was to display our love for hunting at the expense of our style, we’d wear our waders out to dinner. But when it comes to our lifestyle clothing choices, ‘style’ is a prerequisite for our picks. We wanted subtle design inspired by our outdoor culture. We also wanted the same quality, cut, and ultra-soft finishes enjoyed in the mainstream. And with nostalgic memories of cool brands from our own childhood, we were motivated to create a relevant brand for a new generation.”

So, Button Buck was born. I say kudos to the Christians, and if you are looking for some cool duds for your own button bucks, look HERE.



  • David

    I have shot 4 "deer" button bucks with my bow, thinking they were nice looking does. I don't feel to good about shooting that many. In result my friends always make fun of my accident. What should I tell them so they can shut up? Bye the way, they also bow hunt.

  • Christian Berg

    David, most of us have "accidentally" killed button bucks at one time or another. Several years back, I did it during rifle season. Yeah, I wasn't thrilled about taking a future antlered buck out of the population, but it tasted just fine!

    One of the nice things about bowhunting is that we usually have a chance to look over a deer pretty well before we draw and release. So, you can look for the telltale bumps on button bucks' heads and pass the shot if in doubt. Like me, I am sure you and your friends would prefer to let the button bucks walk in hopes that they'll become "shooter" bucks in a couple years.

    That said, there is certainly nothing illegal or unethical about shooting a button buck, and while a little good-natured ribbing between friends is fine, I'd say your buddies need to lighten up.

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