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Christian Berg: Stuck In The Rut

Searching for West: Fresh Hunting Cinema

by Christian Berg   |  July 13th, 2012 1

You know those really cool outdoor documentaries like “Planet Earth” that have awesome cinematography and really capture the essence of the outdoors? Well, there’s a new film called “Searching for West” that does for hunting what a good National Geographic film does for wildlife. Check out this trailer here and make sure to come back later to watch the full-length feature film.


Searching for West Trailer from Searching for West on Vimeo.

The hunt is a pursuit of balance, while searching for the unknown. The balance that death has struck with life, the one sustaining the other. Everything we eat was alive once. The farmer clears his field in autumn for new life in the spring, and there’s a rhythm to it all. One man in one place, doing just one thing at a time.

Mark Seacat’s son, West, was born 10 days before elk season. Husband. Father. Hunter. Where does he draw the line on how much to sacrifice?

Kudos to Mark Seacat and his corporate sponsors for bringing such a high-quality, professional presentation to our sport. Hunting needs more talented people like this to help tell the true story of what we do and what we are all about! I can’t wait to see the full film myself.


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