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22 Must-See New Bows for 2012

by Staff Report   |  February 9th, 2012 6

We’ve come a long way since sticks and strings…here are the latest and greatest new bows for 2012 that you’ll want in your stand this fall.

  • Jason

    No Athens bows on the list,why is that? Some of the nicest shooting bows i've ever shot!

    • Jeremy

      There day will come jason. It takes time for the bowhunting world to recognize a good piece of equipment. These top bows have been on the scene for years and are a house hold name.

  • mike

    sorry ted nugent, but martin bows are junk. i cant believe anyone would fork over their hard earned money on those pieces of crap. they're ugly as hell and look like 5th graders assembled them. martin needs to see the light and concede defeat to superior bow companies that are on the cutting edge of technology. i hope i never have to see another martin review…. i dont like the taste of vomit in my mouth. martin archery…. you suck. long live bowtech.

    • Ryan

      well said my man… well said

  • Vinny

    Funny how guys wanna trash a bow company just because they shoot a different brand. I disagree with you Mike I personally do not think there is a crappy bow made right now with maybe the exception of a chinese knock off. I have been a mathews shooter since 1992 but I dont knock other companies.I personally like to check out all the new bows and shoot them. I still shoot a mathewsbut alot of companies have been making impressive bows. Last year I wanteda Bear Carnage but I stuck withmy switchback. I think alot of the companies have gotten a little out of hand with $ 900 + bows! I am amazes that Martin can build a modern bow and keep prices at a rate a working class guy can afford. I would love a new bow or two every year but I would rather spend it on my family. So dont mock other companies go shoot xome and I think you would be surprised.

    • shocktrooper1984

      Mike's harsh delivery is a classic example of what is "wrong" with our country and society today….Americans in general, and human beings all over the world are sooo pissed-off about EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE DAY of their lives that it seems no-one can give constructive critique any more….seems it always has to be the "Big F-U!", "you suck", and "MY opinion is the only one that matters"……..
      I agree with Vinny…not EVERYONE can afford a flagship bow or product, and its nice to know that there are still some affordable offerings out there for the newbie and or workin'-man with a young wife and kids that have to 'come-first' in life. Been there/ done that! Now I'm going to be a grandpa, have raised 2 fine young sons into outstanding young men, still have (the same) drop-dead gorgeous wife, and can buy any freakin bow I want…when I want! ….but it sure as heck did not start that way! After my first yard sale vintage Bear Whitetail Hunter finger bow…I bought a brand new Barnett Sidewinder from a retail chain and thought I was really livin' man! Why don't you just calm down a bit Mike and learn how to be a bit more respectful of the Americans out there that work hard for Martin Archery all week long and all of the folks that love 'em.
      …my credentials: FORMER Xi SPONSORED 3D PRO, 30 year bow hunter and proud U.S.Army veteran…and BTW, Ted Nugent is out-there every day, using HIS MONEY, and HIS TIME, to serve, promote AND PROTECT GOD, GUNS/BOWS, FREEDOM and the AMERICAN WAY. Tell us what YOU have done for your country and/or the archery industry son………..?

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