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Bear Archery Unveils 2013 Bow Lineup

by Christian Berg   |  September 27th, 2012 10

Hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but Bear Archery became the first major player in the archery industry to unveil its 2013 lineup late Wednesday afternoon. Over the course of the next several weeks, you can expect a slew of additional new bow launches from other brands, but today belongs to Bear.

As you can see in the video below, Bear’s 2013 lineup includes five new bows, which you can view by visiting the Bear website HERE. In effect, Bear basically has co-flagship bows this year, with offerings for those who prefer two-cam bows and single-cam fans.

The top dual-cam bow is called the Motive, which features Bear’s all-new Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System. It’s available in both 7-inch (Motive 7) and 6-inch (Motive 6) brace height configurations with IBO speed ratings of 340 fps and 350 fps respectively. The Motive measures 32 inches between the axles, weighs 4 pounds, can accommodate draw lengths from 25.5-30 inches and is available in peak draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. It has a retail price of $899.99.

The top single-cam bow in the lineup is called the Empire, featuring Bear’s all-new S13 Cam. The Empire measures 32 inches between the axles, weighs 4 pounds, has a 7-inch brace height and an IBO speed rating of 330 fps. It can accommodate draw lengths from 24-31 inches and is available with peak draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. It has a retail price of $849.99.

Other new bows in the Bear lineup are the hyrbid-cam Method (33 inches axle to axle, 6.75-inch brace height, 340 fps, $649.99) and the single-cam Domain (33 inches axle to axle, 7-inch brace height, 322 fps, $599.99).

Earlier this month, Associate Editor Drew Pellman joined some of the guys from Bear on a Louisiana hog hunt and killed a couple pigs using the new Method. Here’s what Drew had to say about his experience hunting with that bow, as well as his opportunity to shoot the other new rigs in the Bear lineup on the practice range:

“Bear’s 2013 bow lineup is going to impress a lot of people. From its flagship Motive to the price-point Method, consumers will be getting a weapon that can and will get the job done. Setup was a breeze as it took just 20 minutes of practice once I arrived at the range. The Method I was provided for the hunt was equipped with a new Trophy Ridge React sight, and that combination had me locked in the kill zone every time. Over the course of the week, I was able to try my hand at the entire line, and was pleasantly surprised with the combination of speed and power each rig presented. But above all else, this new line of bows featured one of the smoothest draw cycles that you can ask for. To me, the feel of the bow in your hands is the most critical aspect of what makes it the right one for you. Poor feel equals poor confidence and we all know what happens to your execution when your confidence is low. In Mississippi and Louisiana, the results spoke for themselves as our group dropped 17 hogs in a three-day period. Not a bad field test, huh?”

Below is a video Bear produced highlighting all five of its new, 2013 bow models:

  • Luke Johnson

    I'm most excited about the re-release of the 1959 Kodiak! I'm trying to figure out thee heck I'll be able to get one…but I'm determined! Kudos to Bear for bringing back the past!

  • Mitch

    Would like to be able to get a new motive6 before our season ends in ky when will they be in stores

  • Burls

    I have shot mainly Mathews, Hoyts and a Elite GT500 over the last 10 years…I recently purchased a Empire….and all I can say is WOW. I have shot several Bears. Over the last couple of years and was not impressed. My hat is off to Bear. The empire I have shoots vibration free, it is quiet, and fast.

  • Kelly

    I just purchased the new motive 6 an its by far the best bow I've ever shot. I have owned many bear bows over the years an its amazing seeing them produce a bow of this caliber. I didn't think it was possible for them to top the Anarchy but I would say they did it with the Motive. Fast,smooth, accurate and quiet! What else could you ask for. Great bow! The best part about this bow is that it's faster than my buddy's Matthews and my other buddy's Hoyt. They are drooling over this bow an will be purchasing a bear for their next bow!

  • jake

    Honestly, im looking at the domain. I think its more than almost any other bow offered by other companies, and look at the price!

  • Dominick

    I'm really excited about this 2013 line up but the problem is I cant decide which one to get! I want something really smooth but still really fast and accurate! which one should I get?

  • Andrew

    My new empire is awesome, fast,smooth and quiet. I have owned numerous bows in the past and this one by far is my favorite. Would highly recommend anybody looking for a new bow to shoot this one.

  • drake

    shot the empire and the method at my local archery shop, and was amazed at both of the bows. I first shot the method because its more in my price range for a bow and was blown away by the speed that this bow produced, and also from having two cams it had no creep what so ever like other dual cam bows that i shot at this bow was at 70lbs. Then i went and grabbed the empire and i couldnt even tell that i had a bow in my hands it was so light. And i drew it back not knowing what to expect and it blew my mind with how smooth it was IMO it was better then the matthews creed. I instantly fell in love with The Empire, but the method was a great bow as well and is in my price range so i will end up with that one.

  • Alive

    I just bought an Empire. It is incredible! I went to the shop to shoot an Anarchy that was owned by the shop’s bow tech and it was a really good shooting bow. I had to apologize for slapping his arrows together during my first round as they grouped so tight. Then I shot the Empire. The first thing I noticed was the draw cycle and the fact that I was pulling 5 more pounds and didn’t know it. The second was the ridiculous speed with zero, I mean zero sound. Third, dead in the hand. Totally dead, as in not needing a sling dead. Fourth, well it’s really cool looking. My heart was set on an Anarchy but after shooting the Empire that’s what I went home with.

  • matt

    the 2014 line-up is out know. The venue or the empire???

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