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Elite Answer Review: A Solid Performer

by Jon E. Silks   |  May 31st, 2012 9

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Elite Archery is focused on building top-shelf products for top-notch bowhunters. In the three years since the current ownership group has been in charge, Elite has built a solid reputation on integrity, quality and customer service. Integrity comes in the form of honest advertising that sticks to actual specifications and performance. Quality is present in the company’s products and the caliber of its people. Finally, Elite demonstrates a keen focus on customer service, as evident in its one-of-a-kind warranty.

Elite’s Answer features the Answer Cam with a choice of Smooth or Speed mods, Barnsdale limbs, two-piece wood grip and a host of vibration-killing accessories.

Tracking True
Like past models, the new Answer Cam is a two-track configuration with one track for the string and another for both cables. Cables using the same track allow for a narrower overall structure, which in turn brings the load from the cables closer to the center of the axle and system. This reduces the opportunity for cam lean and the negative effects that go with it. Draw-length changes are modular; however, a bow press and a T15 Torx wrench (star shaped) are required to change them. Modules are available for draw lengths from 27-30 inches, in half-inch increments. Draw length and letoff can be slightly adjusted by repositioning the draw stop on each cam. Each Answer bow ships with a set of “Smooth” mods, which generate advertised IBO speeds between 327 and 330 fps. Elite also has the Answer for those bowhunters wanting a little more zip in their rig — “Speed” mods. These specially configured mods spit out arrows at advertised IBO speeds between 337 and 340 fps.

Center of Operations
The Answer’s riser serves as the foundation on which the rest of the bow is built. The 6061 aluminum reflex configuration riser is first forged and then 100 percent machined. For 2012, Elite introduces double position sight-mounting holes.

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The additional holes are a quarter inch lower than the standard holes to accommodate a wider range of setups.

Elite precision machines the pivoting limb pockets on its Answer from solid blocks of aluminum to ensure a perfect fit in the critical limb/riser interface.

One of my favorite features on any Elite bow is the grip. The company has found success in this area by formulating the right combination of curvature, angle, size and materials. Together they provide comfort and functionality.

Completing the package on the riser is a metal stabilizer-mounting insert, an adjustable aluminum cable guard rod with patent-pending locking system and your choice of finishes. It comes in Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1, Realtree AP Snow and Ninja Black.

Parallel Packed Power
Elite uses Barnsdale limbs that measure 13 inches in length and are solid in structure (not split/quad). A triple laminate process brings together Gordon Composites materials, including E-Glass, on the tension and compression sides of the limb. Limbs are sorted into sets based on deflection values in order to unify the system and generate consistent power output at both top and bottom. The parallel position of the limbs at full draw, together with a series of vibration-dampening accessories, works to tame the shot. Limbs are available in peak weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds, with 10 pounds of downward adjustment in each.

Answer limb pockets serve to unite and align the limbs and cams to the riser. This connection is critical in overall performance, as any errant fit will cause inconsistency. With that in mind, Elite precision machines the pockets starting with a solid block of aluminum. Pockets pivot during the draw-weight adjustment process and a locking tab is included for each pocket.

The Elite Promise
The Elite promise is a combination of a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and the company’s unique Hunt Guarantee. The warranty is valid regardless of whether the bow was purchased new or used. As a part of the Hunt Guarantee, Elite will ship you a ready-to-shoot bow overnight  to get you through that once-in-a-lifetime hunt in the event something happens to your primary rig.

Elite’s new Answer is a solid performer that showcases bowhunter-friendly qualities and features. I am a big fan of Elite grips, as I find they fit my hand perfectly. Their shape and angle cradles the shooter’s hand for a super comfortable interface. At the shot, the bow registers a notable “bump” in the handle, with only slight vibration.

We all like a quiet shot, and in that regard the Answer delivers in a big way. The draw cycle is smooth and steady throughout, and when coupled with the other characteristics mentioned above produces a pleasant shooting experience.

  • Pacu

    That V tried to grab my pecker in pre-school

    • deathmerchant

      Didn’t you mean Micro V ??

  • Grand Rapids Archer

    The Answer is the shizzle. Best bow I have ever laid my lefty hands on. I agree with the above posters…best finish on the market and these "issues" are unheard of.

  • Jeff K in IL

    I have been a die hard Mathews fan all of my life. The Answer changed that the first time I shot my buddies. I have one on the way and my Helim is up for sale.


  • Paul

    Did I mention that Elite makes a heckuva bow? Cause they do. Actually I think if everyone tried one that Mathews, Hoyt and Bowtech would be in trouble financially very soon. That's my honest opinion.


  • Paddy

    Tell you a little funny story. I recently got into archery about a year and a half or so ago. Sold some motorcycles and voila, had a shitpile of money to buy every f**king new bow imagineable in the past 15 months between two local archery shops.. Bowtech Assasin, Invasion, CPX, CPXL…. Matthews Z7 extreme, Heli-M…. Hoyt RKT carbon element…. And, Elite Hunter and Answer. Been shooting 3d tournaments almost every freaking weekend outside of this past hunting season. Now, understand, I am new, so take it for what it is worth…. Favorite bow so far… Answer Elite. Close seconds would be bowtech CPXL as a 3d target only and maybe the Heli-M for a hunting only bow. The rest are for sale. Elite Answer would be great for both. So forgiving and plenty fast with those ugly blue speed mods.

  • jason

    so gad to hear rieviews. bowhunting for 12 years about to make first purchase, was set on hoyt or matherws,now buying elite answer. i admidt<smoothest bow ever shot so far.cant wait ta play big ball

  • Cupwinner1

    Elite Bows are simply superior to anything I have shot… Sure. Some are close but when comparing everything apples to apples, Elite wins hands down… Plus, Elite's customer service is hands down always ready to help..

  • deathmerchant

    I own both an Elite 2012 Pure and a 2013 Hunter. Smoothest bows I have ever drawn or shot, easy to tune and very quiet. There may very well be a better bow out there in terms of performance AND appearance but I haven’t found it yet.

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