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Hoyt Dorado

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Balanced recurve.

If you’re looking for a way to add more challenge to any hunt, or just want to return to the roots of archery, check out Hoyt’s newest addition to the recurve world–the Dorado.

The Dorado weighs in at a slim 2.5 pounds, is 60 inches long, features a Flemish Twist string and convenient takedown limbs. In addition to those features the Dorado is also available covered in Realtree APG HD camo for concealment or a slick custom maple finish for a more traditional look.

Limb weights are available from 35 to 60 pounds in five-pound increments.

Contact: Hoyt, Dept. PB, 543 N. Neil Armstrong Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84116; (801) 363-2990

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