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Hunter Dan Bow Sets

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 1

At a time when increasing hunter recruitment is critical to our sport’s future, Hunter Dan has hit a home run with their new Booner and Hottie compound bow sets. Both are designed with the young hunter in mind and are loaded with features to prove it. At 26 inches in overall length (axle-to-axle), with adjustable draw weights from 15-20 pounds, the Booner and Hottie may sound like your typical kids’ bows.

But don’t let the pint-sized specs fool you. Parallel limbs, 65 percent letoff, built-in adjustable sight pins, finger savers on the string and an 18-inch draw length combine to make an impressive package that will grow with the boys and girls who use them. Other features include a two-piece quiver, See-Thru Riser design and capture arrow rest.

Both the Booner, which features a green riser with black limbs, and the Hottie, which features a pink riser with black limbs, come with two fiberglass arrows with practice tips and an arm guard with Velcro straps. These sets are a great way to introduce youngsters to modern archery hunting in a way previously not offered. Contact: Creative Outdoor Products, (888) 241-HUNT;

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