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Diamond IceMan FLX

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Diamond’s new IceMan FLX features the industry-first FLX-Guard, an innovative cable containment system that flexes inward during the draw to absorb torque that would otherwise be transferred to the riser. The result is a significant reduction in accuracy-robbing lateral nock movement. The IceMan FLX also features Center Pivot riser technology that meets the split limbs near their center point, creating a shootable, dead-in-the-hand feel that leads to consistent accuracy.

Other features include a forged, single-piece aluminum riser, ultra-rugged laminated limbs, a carbon string stop and rotating cam module that allows draw length adjustments without a bow press. The IceMan FLX has an IBO speed rating of 318 fps, measures 31  1/2 inches between the axles, has a 7 1⁄8-inch brace height, offers peak draw weights from 60-70 pounds and draw lengths from 24-30 inches. MSRP: $849

Contact: Diamond Archery, 877-447-0293;

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