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Mathews Heli-M Review: Excellent from Top to Bottom

by Jon E. Silks   |  June 27th, 2012 47

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For 20 years, Mathews Inc. has been wowing the archery community with fantastic technologies, features and performance. The company has long been considered one of the world’s top bow makers and has served the entire bowhunting community by pushing the envelope. There is no denying that founder Matt McPherson and his hard-working team are a special bunch. The proof can be found at the end of the manufacturing line year after year.

The 2012 Heli-m, like all Mathews bows, is home to an array of technologies and features. It all starts with a super lightweight GeoGrid Lock riser, which is home to the Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite, Dead End String Stop Lite and the Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline grip. Also featured on the new rig are the company’s SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup System with Limb Turret, SE5 Composite Limb System and the Heli-m Cam.

The Mathews Grid Lock riser design is now familiar to the masses and brings instant brand recognition — not that they needed it. The grid pattern builds strength and stiffness through interlocking bridges that connect the riser’s outer edges. A new version, called the GeoGrid Lock pattern, flows with the contour of the Heli-m, increasing strength and further eliminating unnecessary material (and weight). The advertised mass weight of this bow is an amazing 3.5 pounds — a spec I confirmed as accurate.

The innovative Reverse Assist Roller Guard gets part of its name from the position of the cables on the rollers. Rather than placing the cables in the typical position under the rollers (further away from the shooter), Mathews reverses the position of the cables, placing them over the rollers and closer to the archer where they are held in position by the system’s tension.

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Unlike typical roller guard systems that get tighter and tighter as the bow is drawn, this configuration actually creates decreasing tension, resulting in less torque and a smoother draw.

Like the Solocam systems in Mathews' past, the Heli-m Cam will prevent common timing issues. Look for it to produce a smooth draw and speed that is sure to kill game. Please click to enlarge!

Mathews’ Harmonic Stabilizer Lite and Dead End String Stop Lite are just two of a handful of features designed to reduce shock, vibration and noise. The Lite version of the Harmonic Stabilizer is nearly 70 percent lighter than the original, while reducing 75 percent of residual vibration in the riser. A rubber material affixed to the end of the Dead End String Stop Lite dampens string oscillation.

Another feature on the Heli-m is the one-piece, Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline grip. This is an excellent grip with a smooth finish, hand-conforming contours and a comfortable size and angle. Without a doubt this is my favorite Mathews grip of all-time.

Mathews is very proud of the newest member of its Solocam family, as it brings together two decades of single-cam technology. The Heli-m Cam was designed to produce a smooth draw, solid back wall and game-killing speed. The attached draw-force curve shows smooth transitions throughout, and the cushioned draw stop allows for a super solid back wall. Advertised (up to 332 fps IBO) and tested speeds both indicate the Heli-m has what it takes to get the job done even while sporting a comfortable, 7-inch brace height. As with previous Mathews’ single cam systems, the Heli-m Cam is designed to eliminate any timing or synchronization issues.

Mathews’ SE5 Composite SlimLimbs have endured extensive cycle testing to prove their strength and durability while weighing in nearly 20 percent lighter than other models. Limbs measure 13 inches in length and are constructed of a proprietary composite material that has stood the test of time and thousands of archers. Their past-parallel position at full draw is key in the fight against shock, vibration and noise. The critical limb to riser interface is championed by the company’s SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup and Limb Turret. Both are minimal in material and weight while exercising the necessary control to produce a world-class shooting machine.

The Heli-m is a quality hunting bow from start to finish and top to bottom. At the shot, the bow had nearly non-existent vibration and only moderate recoil. The grip is excellent in all respects and maneuverability is — well, I guess that is self-explanatory when you are holding a 30-inch bow that only weighs 3.5 pounds.

I expect a great deal from Mathews. If an average company had created the Heli-m, I might be gushing because they hit the top-end level. But from Mathews, it’s just another excellent bow in a long line of them.


Model: Heli-m
Cam System: Heli-m Cam
Weight:  3.5 pounds
Brace Height: 7 inches
Axle-To-Axle Length: 30 inches
Letoff: 80 percent
Draw Weights: 40-, 50-, 60-, 65- and 70-pound peak
Draw Lengths: 26-30 inches, in half-inch increments; cam specific
Riser:  GeoGrid Lock
Limbs: SE5 Composite SlimLimbs
String: Mathews Genuine Bowstring, 88 inches
Cables: Mathews Genuine Cables, 32.75 inches
Grip: Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline Grip
Finish: Lost Camo, Black, Tactical
Advertised IBO Speed: Up to 332 FPS
Suggested Retail Price: $959
Comments: Quality, Quality, Quality

  • Keith Borchardt

    over priced and over rated as usual.

    • Scott Stephens

      I must agree!

    • Tom Tardonia

      All of the top end bows by Bowtech, Hoyt, and others are all in this price range. Everyone has there preference and I prefer Mathews.

      • Ryan

        I HATE MATHEWS!!!!!!!!!! THERE OVER RATED! id rather try an take a deer down by throwin paintballs at it then by shootin mathews…

        • Jack

          you sir have no busisness even looking at this bow if your gona be that stupid. thank you and have a nice day!

  • Dr. LGB

    I just shot this bow. It was nice but not worth almost a grand for a bare bow. The single cam had its day but now that string and cable material has improved so much its really not an advantage to have the singe cam and lose the speed and smooth roll over to the valley. Mathews knows this too. why do you think they made the monster (mr) series?

    • Joel

      On this issue, I have to disagree (just my opinion) I have been shooting speed bows for years, Mostly PSE until Matthews came out with the Monster Series. My Monster is the 80lb XLR8 and at 84lbs (cranked right down) The arrows are super stupid fast. I have absolutely no problem pulling it and I can do it very smoothly at the 84lbs or when I tune it down to 70lbs. Absolutely a great Bow, however, when talking smooth draw the Monster's ramp and sudden let down seems to always be noticable to me. Even when I purposely keep a smooth draw through out the 29 inches. Here is where the Heli M has the Monster beat (and this is the only area I can see besides weight) The smoothness of the Heli M is unmatched, The way the cam is designed really eases you into the let off against the back stop. I pulled this bow at 70lbs numerous times and I just could not notice even the slightest difference in the draw, unlike the Monster. I was so impressed I purchased it. So, now I have the best of both worlds :) When I need speed I have my Monster, when I need pinpoint accuracy and smoothness I have my Heli M. Yes, eventually there will come a bow that has it all, single cam or double cam, either way I don't care I just want that day to come soon! Oh, back to weight real quick, have you picked this bow up yet? Seriously, it is the lightest damn thing I have ever got my hands on.

  • Cathrine Og-Mads Flaate

    this is my first mathews bow and i have been shooting it since it came out in the beginning of this year
    fitted it with the best archery hunting equipment on the marked and its just amazing the bow itself is way
    over it competition on the marked its way smoother then anything i ever experianced period! its a good bow for a god price im a mathews owner for life!
    to those who say its over rated and over priced either you dont know anything about a good bow
    or you might just be to poor to buy a good bow like this.

    • James

      Wow…making fun of people who can't afford a Mathews. Classy.

    • Ryan

      Guess what? mathews are over rated. trust me. we all make mistakes… its ok. and gettin a mathews was one of em…

    • Joel

      Okay, I got to agree, making fun of people who can not afford a Matthews is a little over the top. Relax Francis! Equipment is important but that does not make an archer! I have friends that can out shoot most people with old vintage long bows, with no sights and no need for a range finder, they are just that good. So you might be able to afford the best but that won't make you a better archer or hunter. And BTW, I can afford the Best, I own the Best and still, I like to shoot many of the lower end bows for so many reason's I don't have time to write it all down. So ya, lay off people who do not have your type of means, they do what they can with what they have and there is always someone better than all of us. Try approaching Archery in a different manner, try to promote it and get people involved with it, within their means. Talk about how great a Bow is or isn't all you want but don't degrade people so they turn away from the sport because if you really enjoy it then you know it is a wonderful sport regardless of what you are shooting.

    • Phil

      I love Mathews bows as much as any one out there, but you better not call me poor because I won't go out and spend $1000 for a bare bow. I've got other priorities to take care of first. Besides, I’m plenty happy with my Q2, I’ve shot a good many deer with it and intend on shooting a good many more. Remember, it’s the hunter not the bow that puts em’ down.

  • Mystro

    I Love this bow. It's as significant as the Switchback was. It's balanced and rock solid with one of the smoothest draw cycles of a bow this fast. I didn't want to like this bow but after shooting it, I ended up loving it and buying it.

  • EdW_OH

    When I went shopping for a new bow, I shot Elite (Answer), Hoyt (Matrix & Element), and Mathews (Helim) (Bowtech's customer service issues knocked it out of consideration). Of the three, the Helim shot & felt "best" for me. Bought it and am enjoying the experience- no buyers' remorse here!

  • Mike Fuge

    The Helim is my fifth Mathews Bow. (As my grandson's grow they get the old bow's) just when you think it can't get any better they do it again. Smoothest, most stable bow I have ever shot.

  • ronnie

    The helim is the best piece of equipment by far .the price is a little hi but the service and warenty well than covers it compaired to any other bow on the market . Ihave never been treated better any were .thanks wathews for such a excellent product with such great service !!!

  • Mathews for life

    If you think this bow is over priced and over rated you have no idea what you're talking about! Ask the thousands of professional hunters and competition archers that shoot Mathews bows. All other makers of bows have been chasing Mathews for years and every year Mathews comes up with something new and innovative that others can only try copy! This bow is the best and smoothest bow on the market. I am Mathews owner for life! Nothing else comes close so, "catch us if you can!!"

    • Stan

      I agree I have been bowhunting for over 40 yrs. I have had more new bows than I can remember.I currently have the Z7 Extreme ,,this is by far the best bow that I have ever ownedFast Quiet Smooth I will probably buy a new model in a year or so!!

    • Ryan

      Ask the thousands of profesional hunters and competition archers? what a dumb statement. they got money.. so why should they care if they buy a junk bow here or there hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

      • jack

        You seriously need to get a life sir and go shoot whatever low end bow your mommy will buy you… o sorry i ment santa… i forgot he is real to you

      • Ryan

        You spelled professional wrong!

  • George A.

    I have noticed that most of the negative comments are about the price. I shot PSE for years, then bought a Matthews MQ1. I upgraded to a Z7 a little over a year ago. I have shot other bows and will admit that at the high end of the market there are some fine bows out there, but pound for pound, you can't beat a Matthews for ease of setup, shooting, and accuracy. I will grant you in this economy, it's hard to justify 1K for a bow, but wait awhile they eventually come down. And unless you need the latest and greatest now, a Matthews will serve you well for years.

    • Ryan

      u spelled mathews wrong

  • J turner

    As far as all other makers trying to copy Matthews designs, thats completely ignorant. For tears they lead the solo cam game and still do. Technology is past that. WAY past that. The dual cam bows others are making are twice as efficient as the single cams. Matthews has followed/ copied pse since the invention of the monster. They couldn't stand having a bow slower than the omen. And now the mr series is going right along with it. Matthews makes great products. But a little high. People pay it so they can. I sell more bowtech assassins than helim or z7x. How can u be caught when ur chasing tails people. Get ur facts straight before bragging.

  • Jesse R.

    Look, there is a reason there are many different types of bows with different types of setups (single vs. dual cam). What may work for one person may not work for another. I read constantly online how people are loyal to Hoyt, Bowtech or Mathews etc. These are all Dodge, Ford, and Chevy debates and quite frankly it's never going to end. All these companies spend huge amounts of money in research and development to make a product that they think will work and that they can stand by. I personally was in the market for a new bow this year and instead of just being loyal to one company I went out and shot all the featured bows from all of these companies. I chose to go with the Mathews Heli-m because it is what worked best for me. I am by no means saying that the other bows were any better or any worse. The Heli-m is just what worked for me and why sink that kind of money into a bow that you are either uncomfortable with or are not happy shooting? So can't we just talk about what we like about the bows that we have bought and stop trying to bash other people for the choices they've made? Thanks!

  • Kenny

    Jesse, Well put

    • Ryan

      Nah bro, nobody likes mathews anymore… get a PSE! the PSE Dream Season EVO is WWWWAAAYYYYYYYY Better!!!!!!!!!

      • Logan

        Oh really?.. Cause everyone I know wishes they had a Mathews? So to say nobody likes Mathews is completely untrue.. There is a reason over 75% of professional hunters shoot it.. And the ones that don't shoot it, is because Mathews wouldn't give them the time of day. So BRO dont be saying nobody likes Mathews cause last I checked more people prefer that then pse.!

      • Senatorsrule

        Evo is the best bow going, followed closely by the revenge. And the revenge is 400 bucks cheaper.

  • Matthew McKenzie

    I think Mathews is one of the best bows and people that shoot other bows just don't want to admit to it. That is why they say it's over rated cuz theirs just don't compete with Mathews. I know people that have had a Hoyt and Bow Tech and hated them and when to Mathews, so I don't get why people have to be jealous of Mathews just learn to live with the fact that they are the best bow around. The whole price thing you should really look and other bows, some go for more then a $1000.00 and the Mathews is $959.00. A person at work shoots a PSE and said that they have had nothing but problems with it I told him to get something better then that. the monster was made for competition shooting and if you know anything about dual cams they have syncronization problems and that's why the single cam is way better you don't need to shoot over 400 fps. The new mathews will shoot 325 fps. I am way happy with Mathews and I really don't care what you say about it. I know cuz I have one

  • snoman

    Just went to the local Mathews shop. Took a bow off the shelf and fired 5 arrows at 20 yds. Group was 4" but slightly off left and high. Owner tuned the sight. Grouped 5 arrows in the bulls eye and could have pulled them all out at once with one hand. I found it amazing that a bow off the shelf, not specifically tuned to me, using arrows that wee less than perfect, could perform in this manner! Also was impressed with the quiet release, low recoil, easy draw and light feel of this bow. The price was 1200+ dollars for the bow package, but at 51 years old it will be the last bow I ever purchase. It is guaranteed for life and appears to be well made.

  • deerhunter4020

    All of you bums complaining about the matthews need to just shut up and go shoot a hoyt or junk pse…. something you dont need to do is bitch about the best bow company in the world.. face the facts….your broke, you suck at hunting and you feel it necessary to complain on a matthews review…. nice try. Matthews "catch us if you can"" dumbasses.

  • Tim

    I am getting ready to buy a mathews helim but have one question. Does the helim have any forgiveness to the bow? But i really do like the way it feels in hand.

    • Jason

      I have one fully loaded with HHA bowsight on it, can sell it to you for 900 if your interested !! My email is

  • Jeff

    plenty of brace height and axle to axle. the bow is very forgiving and very fast Tim. I bought mine about 6 weeks ago and has been the best bow i have shot so far. easy to shoot and get used to. i love my Heli-M!

    Ryan, what is your reason for being so negative? You can grow up and input factual statements into this or you can me the most negative asshole on here. get over it dude, we live in a free country and we can buy whatever the F*&# we want. If it works for us – doesnt mean it has to work for everyone. keep your cheap bows. we'll compare kill pics at the end of the year. it really pisses me off to see people talk crap and they more than likely dont even have a clue.

    Happy Hunting everyone!!

  • Josh b

    I just recently purchased a Mathews heli from a local bow shop bare bow was 759 before tax got it all rigged up for just under 1k I am very pleased with the bow it shoots great is super quiet and it looks cool all my friends will be buying Mathews for there next bow after shooting mine

  • db45

    i personally dont have a mathews i have the new bear mauler which i love just couldnt afford a mathews raising a family and sending a wife through school a friend of mine has the heli m and it is amazing but i have to say my bow was 600 less than his and we shoot together all the time and he said if he had to do over he would have got the bear.

  • barnseee

    I've been bow hunting for 40 years and the advancements in technology are truly amazing. My first compound was a PSE and shot at the incredible speed of 160 fps and I killed a lot of nice bucks with it. I used a basic recurve before this. At my age, that would be 65, I'm just happy that I'm still able to pull a string and the new bows make that easy. If I could kill dozens of deer shooting at that speed, maybe the hunters out there need to get a little more up close and personal and stop worrying about bow speed. The stalk and the hunt are everything. The bow is the tool and there are dozens of good ones that will do the job. Mathews is just one of the best. It's not really a competition, it's a preference. If you are a good enough hunter, you should be able to kill a deer with a spear. Enjoy the fall!


    Shoot an Obsesion Lethal Force. Smoothest, fastest 7" brace bow. I get 293 at 63# at 27" with 350 gr arrows.

  • Timothy Gaudette

    Wow! Why so much venom over a bow. lol. I just purchased a Heli-m. I use to shoot a Dredlin and liked it very much. I also used to shoot Hoyt products and killed my first Pope and young ten point with it. It was a nice shooting Bow. (the Hoyt) My Heli-m is for sure a nice shooting bow and I am sure it will kill lots of critters for me. Remember we have to stick together as hunters. Gosh there are many who dislike us enough. Good hunting to everyone. With what ever you use. Climb high and shoot straight. Tim

  • Paul

    Test fired about every bow on the market ……Mathews Helim was hands down the best …easy decision, bought the Helim …no regrets …love the silky smooth draw

  • Josh

    I just bought a heli-m on fri and its prolly the nicest bow i have ever owned very smooth very qiuet i didnt buy it because if the name brand or the price its what workex the best for me ive been looking for a new bow for 2 months ive shot prolly 30 different bows and like the heli the best when i was sighting it on fri night about my 10th shot i pulled off a robin hood was kinda excited and pissed at ths same time but what can u do lol if i had to do it all over again i wouldnt change anything i love my heli will shoot it for years to come

  • Kevin

    I think people need to stop complaining on here and go out and shoot your bows. Everyone has their own opinion, I get that. By all means I love hearing what everyone has to say, but when one person replies to everyones comment bashing a bow, I think your spending a little too much time sitting by your computer. Go outside and have some fun. Ive yet to buy a bow and just went into a local shop to try out a Hoyt and a Matthews and decided to get the Matthews Heli-m. Smooth bow, fairly accurate off the shelf. Its a very satisfying bow. By all means, not everyones going to think its the worlds greatest bow, but to me its a damn good one. If you need to sit by your computer downing people for what they like, why bother being in the sport.

  • Patrick

    I tried the Hoyt Spyder, the 2013 Elite Hunter and the HeliM from Mathews yesterday. I spent about an hour at the pro shop shooting all three. Since I have a 25 in draw length I had to wait for the proper cams for all the bow except the elite. While its not really fair to the elite since I did have to pull a couple extra inches. The Spyder shot great, the Elite shot great, and the heliM shot great. I went with the helim because it was quieter, lighter, smoother, and faster clocking in at 282fps with my 25 in draw set at 70 pounds. I had a mission X2 before the helim and a PSE Fire-flight before the mission. I could tell the difference between the extra 600 dollars from all three bows. However, i've killed a lot of game with the cheaper bows in the last 12 years. Everything from rabbits to alligator. In the Florida swamps literally swimming with them. To the literately frozen mountainous of Colorado. Due to recent technology, even the low grade bows are exceptionally great.

  • jake

    though Mathews is much better than PSE and Bowtech, They ask too much, and quite frankly, they have fallen far behind Bear. my brother just got a bear bow and I am very tempted at buying one myself

    • buckslayer

      People dont realize how much Bear has improved their bows. They are SICK!!! I shot a Bear at Cabelas the other day just for the hell of it and was SHOCKED at how smooth it was and FAST it was. Im going with a BEAR for sure!!

  • jeremy bowlin

    Hello i have owned a lot of compounds. For about ten years i have shot hoyts. and for 5 years now mathews. I just got back into it. I bought a mathews z7 shot it for awhile bought a hoyt alphamax 35. I shot it awhile i like to sale and trade so they both got traded off. I bought a new heli-m when they came out. Loved it but again ended up trading it off. the new 2013 hoyt carbon bow came out so i went and shot it and another heli-m I ended up with the heli-m. It was smoother shooting and less vibration then the hoyt was. It was close between the 2. The Heli-m has a super smooth draw cycle. It draws smooth threw the whole draw cycle and dont have that heavy spot when the came loads up like the z7 dose. It feels great in the hand and is super smooth during the shot. Very little to no vibs felt in the hand after the shot. Very quite bow as well. It carries very well and is light enough it dont wear ya down going to the stand and back. Even though it feels very well in the hand i did like the hoyt grip a little better. At 63pound pull and 29inch draw length shooting a carbon express blue streak with 100gr field point. chrony set at 10ft from the bow im shooting 315fps. The Heli-m is a very accurate shooting bow and its a flat shooting bow as well. I have shot mine out to 70 yards with excellent results. Yea the bow is not cheap but like anything you get what ya pay for. The heli-m is an excellent bow from top to bottom. you wont be disappointed in it at all.

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