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Mathews Z7 Xtreme Bow Review

by Jon E. Silks   |  May 26th, 2011 42

The new Mathews Z7 Xtreme has a radical footprint with extreme angle limbs, reflex geometry, eye-catching Grid Lock Riser and short axle-to-axle length.

Mathews is a company that needs no introduction. So, I’m not going to give them one! The new Z7 Xtreme is loaded with features — such as the Grid Lock Riser, ZX Cam, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, SE5 Composite limbs and a host of vibration-damping accessories —  and I need all the page space possible to cover them. Let’s take a look at the Mathews Z7 Xtreme bow review.

Striking Structure
Mathews’ now familiar Grid Lock Riser design does more than just reach out and grab you. The isometric cutouts set on a grid pattern serve to create a strong and stiff platform on which other features and technologies are built. Strength is gained without excess material, keeping the overall mass weight under four pounds. A Harmonic Stabilizer and Harmonic Damper are set directly into the riser’s body to reduce vibration and noise. If you have ever seen the bare metal riser demonstration using the Harmonic Dampers, you know just how beneficial they are.

A section of the shelf area is actually completed with the top section of the one-piece walnut grip. The SlimFit Inline grip is narrower from top to bottom than the company’s older models — this is my favorite Mathews’ grip to date. Beyond comfort, the polished wood is also functional in allowing the shooter’s hand to repeatedly move into position without excess torque. A single piece of red colored wood is laminated on the centerline of the bow, making initial setup and tuning easier.

Not far up the riser from the grip is the Reverse Assist Roller Guard, which is mounted on the outside of the sight window. The unique cable-containment system reverses the typical position of the cables in terms of where they contact the rollers. Cables sit on the shooter’s side of the rollers and actually relax more as the bow is drawn. The end result is a smoother draw and less torque on the system. Less torque equals increased consistency and improved accuracy.

Smooth, Smooth, Smooth
The more I shoot the Z7 Xtreme, the more its effortless draw cycle shines through. Mathews was undoubtedly in pursuit of an extremely soft feel for its new rig, and needless to say, they didn’t miss their mark.

We can’t forget the speed this bow generates — up to 330 fps IBO on a 7 3⁄8-inch brace height. So, how do they put it all together? They start with the machined aluminum ZX Solocam system, which rotates on stainless steel axles and sealed ball bearings to reduce friction and increase efficiency. The ZX has a cam-specific draw-length adjustment, meaning there is a different cam for each draw length between 24 and 30 inches, including half-inch sizes.

Mathews engineers its bows, each draw length, for optimum performance. In short, a specific cam is the way to maintain that precision. Knowing it takes longer to change a cam than a module, Mathews came up with a more efficient way to get the job done in the form of its Quick Change Axle (QCA) feature. The QCA replaces the typical e-clip with an easy on/off plastic fixture on one side and a pull-knob on the other.

The 80-percent letoff designed into the system makes holding at full draw those extra few seconds more comfortable and easier on the shoulder. Mathews breaks out its Zebra Barracuda strings and cables for the Z7 Xtreme and adds a speed-enhancing String Grub and set of vibration-reducing Monkey Tails to the mix. A set of limb-mounted String Suppressors and Dead End String Stop add more vibration-killing power to the Z7 Xtreme’s arsenal.

Ultra Endurance
Mathews’ SE5 Composite limbs, held in place by the company’s sleek and super efficient SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup system, are subjected to brutal cycle testing designed to push them far beyond the stresses of normal use.

Engineered composite plates are precision cut on Flow Waterjet machines to produce the final limb unit, which is then matched to a set based on deflection values. At full draw, the limbs come to a wicked, past parallel position that is key to the exceptionally low levels of vibration, kick and noise experienced when shooting the Z7 Xtreme.

In my opinion this is the quietest bow Mathews has ever produced — and that is saying something! The severe angle of the limbs, even at rest, brings the axle-to-axle length down to a highly maneuverable 28 inches.

  • Scott

    I bought my mathews Z7 last year and shot two deer with it so looking forward to this year. Excellent bow.

  • Bobby

    I love my z7 xtreme it is a super smooth shooter and draw can’t wait to take a deer this year

  • john

    Got mine a week ago and i LOVE it it is amazing.

  • Kyle

    I bought my z7 xtreme a couple months ago and it is amazing. It is super smooth, fast and quiet… I would recomend it to anyone.

  • Tim Mcmullan

    I have a few question for you guys since you own the bow. , my dad just bought the 2011 bear carnage and the bow is great , but I want the z7 and he says just get the carnage because you can buy the bow package for $ 1050 how much would it be to outfit a z7 with at least some half decent equipment , I'm 16 and have a summer job and am running out of time to get the money together so I just wanted to know how much I'll need

    • Mark

      I bought a new Z7 last summer and spent about $1000 for the complete set up including half a dozen arrows. I would say shoot the Z7 and the carnage and get whatever feels better to you. The one things the Z7 has going for it is that Mathews has a longer proven history with high end bows compared to Bear.

      • Al

        buy the Bow Tech invasionI have one 60 pound and push arrows out at 296 fps my friend has the EZ7 loves it but at 70 pounds only 269 fps and they will cost the same bow and IQ sight and drop away rest $1000 I shot all the bows Ez7 carnage hoyt and the pse Evo and still bought the invasion

        • Mike

          You didn't shoot the extreme apparently… My extreme is putting arrows down range at 329fps and you don't have the tuning fork effect with the z7 like you do with all the other bow manufactuers.

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Thanks man !! I thought I'd be spending more like 1300-1500

  • Tracker81

    Bought one today spent 1169 for mid to high range accessories but supplied my own sight from a previous bow but also bought a dozen carbon express hunter pros so that added a hundred to the total

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Yea I go to tips hardware and have Darrel setup my stuff and the price is ridiculous for everything there but he's one of the best around to setup bows idk if I should go somewhere cheaper

  • James

    Got it 2 weeks ago for $750 (bare bow) on sale at the local archery store. LOVE IT!

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Yea I'm saving up , how much money is it to set the bow up and put accesories on it ?

  • Frank

    I have had my 2011 Extreme for about 6 months and I love it! I am taking it to Idaho for an elk and mule deer hunt in nine days. I have been shooting it at 60 yards for over a week inorder to sight in my new arrows and broadheads with my HHA sight. At 60 yards it is smooth and the arrows fly straihgt with no arch, the flatest shooting bow I have ever shot!

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Finally got it ! Worked all summer for it I'm so happy and proud

  • Ben Schattschneider

    got my z7 completely set up minus the sight, and even bought a QAD hunter drop away rest and Quicky quiver $1023 out the door!! Absolutley love it, and the best part is I have had two other non mathews dealers have me shoot there "top end' bows and I definetly walk away knowing mine is better.

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Wow I wish my bow was only 1023 $ I spent 1535 $ and didn't even get that high of quality accessories ! The place I go is the only place around so I was stuck goin there and paying a ridiculas price

    • Jarad

      In the end though Tim you've got one of the best bows money can buy if not the best. It's an investment and it'll last you your entire life. Happy hunting!!

    • Tim C

      thats what you get when you buy name alone! Buy something of quality and value and thats not a Mathews

  • Tim Mcmullan

    Thanks man ! I was supposed to buy my first truck but then I was like, I want a new bow lol

  • eric99

    i lost my bow in the bush

  • eric99

    who cares now i got a darton usa sweet bow

  • Don

    Got my Z7 Extreme a week ago, it is an awesome bow! the draw cycle is so smooth the it is unreal. I have shot a couple other brands new bows for 2011 and they do not compare. Was very easy to tune and sight in.

  • Josh Peterson

    My opinion is Mathews makes the best bows hands down you'll pay a bit more usually but if you shop around you can find some awesome deals I bout mine brand new in the box for730.00 my dad bought the demo model with full warranty for 630.00 I put an axcel four pin sight,wad ultra rest hdx and matures arrow web quiver all for 1100.00 out the door

    • Josh Peterson

      The bows we bought are z7 extremes

  • Scott

    i've got one on order right now. I'm going to pay $1205 (that includes tax). The bow was $750, 5 arrow mathew quiver $120, QAD drop away rest, TruGlo 5 pin sight (decreasing diamater pin) and set up. I shot a demo on two different occasions and loved it. My arrow weight is 425g and at 70lbs the chrono said 275fps, which is quick enough for me. I've noticed that when you start reaching above 290fps, the noise starts to increase significantly, so i'm good with 270-285fps.

  • George

    Just bought the Z7 and it is a great bow, shot my first deer this year at 15 yard went right thru. using cx maxima hunter 350 arrows.

  • JDK

    shot a bear with my z7 extreme double lung went about 60 yards. This morning bagged my first buck with this bow , 68 yard shot deer went 40 yards. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • Lance Dawson

    I bought mine on eBay! For 830 dollars brand new and complete. I was very lucky, my local archery store sells it for 850 blank.

    • michaelbenninger

      You did not buy your local shop. So did you win or are you keeping your shop in your area open and when it cimes to getting service good luck sending it back to your ebay REP.

      • michaelbenninger

        Be careful when it comes to buying so the warranty is in place.
        I buy both used and new bow and teach people how to shoot.

        Your local shop is more then just a bow.

  • Pete

    I noticed the same thing with mine when I exceded the 290 fps mark. Installed the Simms Ultra Max limbsaver and solved the leltover vibration. Hope it will help you. Also the more I shot the Xtreme the more I really enjoy it.


  • Tom

    Anyone know anything about Mission bows? I know Matthews makes them. Are they as good?

    • Ben

      Yea mission bows are good I shoot the craze very versatile but for who are you buying this for

  • Leighton

    yes, my friend bought the Mission bow and he loves it, shoots really quiet and smooth as well, he shot 10 point and 2 hogs this past year with his. Good bow for the money if you dont want to buy the big boys

  • Leighton

    Really good starter bow for sure

  • Vinny

    Bought 2 streamers last year and love them both one is 50to60 and the other 60to70 both 28inch draw I shoot a gold tip pro ultralight 400 and shoot 70pounds getting 303fps shooting wasp jackhammers and my arrowflight and accuracy blows away my regular z7 and I can make any shot with it that I can make with a longer axle to axle bow and cause of its size I love to carry it through the woods only my destroyer 350showed me a little easier time making the same shots but I took the xtreme and hit a piece of tape the size of my thumb nail at 100yds so that was good enough for me

  • bowhunterextreme

    picking one of these bad boys this weekend! shot it for three hours the other day fell in love! best shooting bow ive shot .. an ive shot every single bow out there at this date.. mathews id say youve done it again!

  • joel ortiz

    Am about to start on Bowhunting . What is the beat bow out there
    Is it the Matthews or the Bowthech ?

  • sam wilson

    i have one for sell 900 foolly loaded nice 330-546-1008

  • Ben Dubois

    Just bought mine as a layover from last year and paid $500 for the bare bow and $150 on accessories. Best bow I've ever shot. Sold my 2012 bear mauler for it and never regretted it for a second

  • Gator

    How do you know what weight stabilizer you need.

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