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Bow Review: Hoyt Carbon Defiant

by Jon E. Silks 0

Hoyt builds carbon bows that are stylish, well-built and perform great. For 2017, Hoyt offers three versions of its Carbon… more »


8 Top Budget Crossbows for 2018

by Bob Humphrey 0

Folks often associate certain stereotypes with different regions of the country. Texans are sometimes considered to be proud. West coasters… more »


Bow Review: Bear Approach HC

by Jon E. Silks 0

Bear Archery obviously gets its name from the late, great Fred Bear — that is a ton of responsibility. In… more »


Crossbow Review: CAMX X330

by Jon E. Silks 0

CAMX is led by hunters who design and build crossbows that are laser-focused on the shooting experience. They work to… more »


Bow Review: Xpedition Xplorer SS

by Jon E. Silks 0

Xpedition Archery is rooted in an aerospace engineering company highly respected in its field with nearly 50 years of experience… more »


Crossbow Review: Barnett Ghost 420

by Jon E. Silks 0

Barnett has been a top crossbow manufacturer for 55 years, and with the new Ghost 420, the company continues to… more »


Launch Day — 2018 Bowtech Realm

by Jon E. Silks 0

You may have heard whispers in the wind, talk around the water cooler or some hint of a special introduction… more »


Crossbow Review: Excalibur Micro Suppressor

by Jon E. Silks 0

Since 1983, Excalibur has been outfitting sportsmen with rock-solid equipment. Recurve limbs make Excalibur crossbows nearly indestructible as they involve… more »


Bow Review: Elite Option 6

by Jon E. Silks 0

Elite has built a loyal fan base by producing bows that simply get the job done. They are all about… more »


Mission Crossbows SUB-1: The Name Says It All

by Christian Berg 0

Mission Crossbows today unveiled its innovative new SUB-1, a shooting platform the company created to set a new standard in… more »

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