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PSE Prophecy Review

by Jon E. Silks   |  September 4th, 2013 3

PSE is a company of choices and variety. While surfing the PSE website, it became apparent the company has something for everyone. There are compounds (more than 20 models), recurve bows, longbows, crossbows, ready-to-shoot bow packages, field-ready packages and bowfishing bows. I almost forgot; they even have a blowgun!

Among PSE’s 2013 Mainline models is the Prophecy, a rig designed to hit hard with a smooth draw. It features PSE’s Amp Single Cam, X-Technology limbs, Brute X limb pockets, Vibracheck Backstop 2, PSE-made string and cable and much more.

Heart of Technology
The Prophecy’s riser is at the heart of this rig and has been the focus of much design effort. PSE engineers created a super stiff platform through a Planar Flex technology that uses straight structural lines. The surface of the riser that faces the shooter is primarily straight from top to bottom, other than the grip area and the portions that sweep forward to the pockets. Although not as extensive, there are also a series of flat structural lines on the opposite face of the riser.

These lines, plus the side-to-side transitions into and out of the sight window, produce a platform that is not only stiff but also channels any flex front to back rather than allowing twist and flex from side to side. In the end, you get improved performance through increased consistency and accuracy.

PSE drills and taps multiple sight mounting holes so you never run out of vertical adjustment on your sight. The Prophecy is outfitted with the Raptor grip, which is fully machined with comfort contours and includes two small rubber side plates. Aiding the archer in setup and tuning are the tuning alignment marks on the shelf area that offer a reference line for both vertical and horizontal arrow rest adjustments. Other riser features include the Vibracheck Backstop 2, a stainless steel stabilizer mounting insert and Cam-Lock adjustable cable guard.

Surprising Single Cam
PSE’s Amp Single Cam will surprise many with advertised IBO speeds reaching 340 fps. Besides excellent speed, this cam was designed to optimize nock travel and create a smooth draw. The machined, aircraft-grade aluminum cam and idler wheel ride on sealed bearings for reduced friction and increased efficiency. An adjustable inner cam allows draw length adjustments from 25-30 inches, in half-inch increments. The adjustments are made without the need of a bow press and the laser engraved marks and posi-lock pin make positioning easy. A cushioned draw stop is secured into the hole correlating to the draw length.

The X Factor
PSE’s X-Technology limbs are highly pre-loaded with an aggressive curl, reaching a past-parallel configuration at full draw with predominantly upright limb pocket angles.

Limb sets are available in 50-, 60- and 70-pound peak draw weights. Brute X limb pockets are minimal in material, supporting the limb in critical areas for maximum control. The composite limb support and a set of Delrin bushings cradle each limb piece and keep them centered and evenly spaced for a no-give alignment. Pockets pivot during the draw-weight adjustment process for better riser-to-limb alignment.

I enjoyed shooting the Prophecy. It combines lots of features and good performance with a mid-range price tag. A notable kick and low-level vibration was felt at the shot. However, a quality stabilizer completely eliminated the vibration and slightly reduced the kick. A short valley leaves little room for creep, but you will be able to relax into the shot if you are set up with the right draw length for your frame. The Prophecy is quiet at the shot, and I have come to appreciate PSE’s minimalist grip, which has the right shape, size and angle to be functional and comfortable.

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