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Quest Torrent Review: A Bow You Can Trust in the Field

by Jon E. Silks   |  July 26th, 2012 5

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Quest has a clear and concise mission: make great bows for a great price, without compromise. Basically, they want to give archers the most bang for their buck. Makes sense — I like it. There is another point that could easily be added to their mission statement: “Maintain a laser-like focus on the bowhunter.” Quest aims for simplicity and common-sense technology that will perform consistently and reliably, day in and day out, good weather or bad, year after year.

Quest bows are all either black, camo or a combination thereof. There is one model, the Torch, that offers G-Fade Realtree AP Pink — I guess we can let them slide on that one. No target bows are offered by Quest, there are no high-polish components on the bow and one look at the cable guard with no moving parts and you know they mean business!

The Quest Torrent features the new Fluid Single Cam system, I-Glide cable-containment system, solid-lock pivoting limb pockets, parallel limbs, two-piece engineered resin grip and Quest’s patented Durafuse finishing process.

One Cam ­– One Module
Adjustment without hassle is the name of the game on the Torrent’s Fluid Single Cam system. A single, rotating module takes you through the range of draw lengths from 25.5-30 inches in half-inch increments — no bow press required. A very distinct mark engraved on the cam matches up to graduated lines engraved on the rotating module for positive draw-length identification. An adjustable draw stop can be used to fine-tune the feel of the wall and adjust letoff.

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Another feature located on the cam is a timing hole, which is positioned to intersect the cable when the bow is at rest. A quick glance is all it takes to ensure the bow is set up for optimal performance. The machined aluminum eccentrics ride on stainless steel axles and dual bearing for reduced friction and increased efficiency. The Torrent’s advertised IBO speed is 322 feet per second, with a comfortable 7-inch brace height.

Editor's Note: Our standardized High Grade testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. All bows are tested with a draw length of 29 inches and a draw weight of 65 pounds.

A Bowhunter’s Bow
As mentioned earlier, Quest builds bows for a focused audience — bowhunters. They show their commitment to this group in many ways, one of which is the I-Glide cable-containment system. One of the worst things that can happen to a bowhunter is something going awry with their rig during a hunt. The Quest design team understands this and geared up the Torrent with the no-hassle I-Glide. Unlike systems with slides or rollers, the I-Glide has zero moving parts and nothing to go wrong.

In the simplest terms, the I-Glide is a rod with two holes at the end. Of course, it is more complicated than that, as the insides of the holes are lined with super-slick, glazed technical ceramic, which is ultra-slippery for easy passage of the cables. In the end, you get longer cable life, quieter performance and the assurance that your cable system will not let you down when you are deep in the mountains on a hunt of a lifetime that costs as much as your parent’s first house!

Another indicator that Quest is all about the bowhunter is the lack of flashy, gimmicky or unnecessary gadgets on their rigs. They keep the accessories to a minimum (less to go wrong) and almost every component is either camo or black.

The Torrent’s solid glass limbs reach a parallel position at full draw. This causes them to move in equal and opposite directions at the shot, canceling much of the noise and vibration. Add in BowJax limb silencers and an adjustable string suppression system and you now have the stealth factor on your side.

There’s More
Quest outfits the Torrent with a two-piece, engineered resin grip, which is contoured and textured for both functionality and comfort. The grip is designed to produce a neutral wrist position for the shooter. Also included with this bow is a metal injection molded broadhead guard that shields the shooter’s hand below the shelf and has “QUEST” engraved in the side. Limb pockets pivot during the draw-weight adjustment process (that is a good thing) and can be locked down once in place.

At the range, the Torrent demonstrated good maneuverability in tight situations and was particularly steady on the bull’s-eye. At the shot, the bow registers average shock and vibration. Noise was minimal. Vibration was significantly reduced with a quality, lightweight stabilizer. The Torrent is easy to draw and generally pleasant to shoot. This is a bow you can trust in the field.

Manufacturer: Quest Bowhunting
Model: Torrent
Cam System: Fluid Single Cam
Weight: 4.2 pounds
Brace Height: 7 inches
Axle-To-Axle Length: 31 inches
Letoff: 80 percent
Draw Weights: 50-, 60- and 70-pound peak
Draw Lengths: 25.5-30 inches, in half-inch increments
Riser: 6061 aluminum, fully machined
Limbs: Solid glass
String: BCY 452x, 87.875 inches
Cables: BCY 452x, 33.5 inches
Grip: Two-piece engineered resin
Finish: DuraFuse Realtree AP / DuraFuse G-Fade Realtree AP
Advertised IBO Speed: 322 fps
Suggested Retail Price: $529.99-$559.99
Comments: A solid, all-around hunting bow.

  • joel ortiz

    What is a good bow to get ? Mattews or bow tech ?

    • keith

      I love mathews bows and would recomend one hands down. It all depends on your preference tho. Go to a bow shop and shoot as many different brands as you can. I have the mathews dxt and i know they have made emprovements since then but its still a great bow that will last me a long time. They are definately worth the price.

      • Brendan

        For advanced bow hunting I would rather get a hoyt, or a matthews. But if your just getting into bow hunting get a single cam PSE or quest bow, they last forever and the are anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars thats just my perspective,

  • Kelly

    Bear Motive 6 or 7. Bear Archery is making some awesome bows and range anywhere from $300-$900. I wouldn't shoot anything but a Bear. I would deffinatly recommend purchasing a Bear!

  • coeumo

    Quest is best.

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