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Winke’s Must-Know Tips For Selecting A New Bow

by Brock Norman   |  May 26th, 2011 5

Field Editor Bill Winke discusses important factors to consider when purchasing a new bow.

  • John

    thanks for the info it has really helped me understand my bow alot more. I read your article in the mag and saw it on enternet. Seen on the enternet explain some of the uncertainy of my reading. Its was great info.

  • Mr Kevin Dean

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  • niche finder

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  • mike

    bill winke is the man. all his advice is gold and he explains things very well. his show midwest whitetail is the only show ive seen that isnt loaded with bull crap from some nitwit wanna-be hollywood hunter ( lee & tiffany ). hes the real deal and represents the workin man. he'll be getting my vote for president of the united states this year.

  • Dan

    Excellent video! Wish I had seen it before I went looking for a bow. My girlfriend and I both became interested in bow hunting for Turkey and where looking at buying new bows but ended up with some older but extremely nice Hoyt and PSE bows. Now that we didn't drop thousands we can take our time and do much more research as well as practice with ours till we decide to upgrade if we do. This is the best video on this topic I have found so far.

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