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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Fight to Keep It Public

by Emily Kantner 0

While some are fortunate enough to gain access to prime private property, the vast majority of bowhunters take to public… more »


Is Wisconsin the Next Crossbow State?

by Christian Berg 3

State after state has liberalized its crossbow-hunting regulations in recent years, and Wisconsin could be the next domino to fall…. more »


Most Controversial Bowhunting Innovations of All Time

by Ben OBrien 0

There’s no doubt the cyclical world of bowhunting has seen a whole lot of change over the years. Fred Bear… more »


Nugent Goes Nuclear: 5 Questions With Uncle Ted

by Aaron Decker 39

Hunting and rock and roll icon Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy, and the ‘Motor City Madman’ finds himself… more »

PBsprtsmensvote_030612hL — A Political Website from Our Point of View

by Christian Berg 0

A powerful new web tool from InterMedia Outdoors is dedicated to politics from a sportsman’s perspective

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