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Nugent Goes Nuclear: 5 Questions With Uncle Ted

by Aaron Decker   |  April 18th, 2012 39

Hunting and rock and roll icon Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy, and the ‘Motor City Madman’ finds himself squarely back in the national spotlight in the wake of incendiary political comments made last week at the National Rifle Association annual meetings. In an interview with NRA News, Nugent called President Obama and senior administration officials criminals, accused four Supreme Court justices of not believing in the Constitution and likened Republican voters to warriors who need to “ride out onto the battlefield and chop their heads off in November.” And if all that wasn’t enough, the Nuge predicted that if President Obama is re-elected in November, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

So, what more does Uncle Ted have to say about the election? Find out here in our exclusive interview…

VOTE: Did Ted Nugent go too far with his comments regarding President Obama at the NRA Show?

BH: Obviously, the Second Amendment is a very important issue when it comes to the sportsmen’s vote. However, many avid bowhunters don’t hunt with guns at all. What do you tell fellow bowhunters who ask why this election is so important for them?

TED: When government agents are arresting sporters for killing their bag limit of bullfrogs with a bow and arrow because it is not an authorized weapon to kill bullfrogs with, when jackbooted USFW agents storm troop law abiding CA hunters homes with fraudulent search warrants, guns drawn, terrorizing innocent families for allegations of misdemeanor game violations, when federal agents swoop down on hunting camps in TX threatening law abiding bowhunters for the legal activity of hunting alligators at night when it is perfectly legal to do so, when USFW agents harass law abiding bowhunters with threats of federal felony Lacey Act violations for shooting a deer with the number one selling broadhead or with a lighted knock, when armed USFW agents raid Gibson guitars and shut them down, confiscate precious legally imported wood but fail to actually file charges in four years, financially wrecking Gibson’s business, when armed USDA agents raid Amish families, guns drawn for selling raw milk to people who want to buy raw milk, when family farms are raided by gun toting government agents in MI slaughtering private property and fenced in livestock  based on a fraudulent Invasive Species Order, when the number one cop in America orchestrates the illegal running of firearms to Mexican gangs…and I could go on and on and on with 100s and 100s of examples of vile corruption and vicious abuse of power by a government out of control. I see no need whatsoever for any American to be concerned.

BH:  Mitt Romney says he is a hunter, but he really doesn’t have a track record of spending much time in the field. What makes you comfortable enough to say  “Romney is one of us now” and will look out for our interests? Have you met Romney personally?

TED: When conservationist hunters recruit new hunters to our beloved lifestyle, it would seem incredibly foolish and counterproductive to fail to embrace our new supporters. My serious conversations with Mitt Romney and his son Josh has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mitt will be a vastly superior POTUS than the current monsters. He will stand with us for improved, sensible, scientific based hunting regulations and rights and for all the desperately critical improvements our wonderful country needs now.

BH:  Some of your political analogies and comments from your NRA Show interview last week were caught in the bright lights of the mainstream media. Do you see criticism from traditional media outlets as helpful to your cause?

TED: When you are doing God’s work, the devils go berserk. That the enemies of America and freedom so despise me is a powerful sign I represent all the right stuff.

BH: From a reader: What did you really mean when you said you would either be dead or in jail by this time next year if Obama is re-elected?

TED: I speak for Americans who are tuned into the outrageous growing threat from an increasingly out-of-control government and who fear their government.

BH: You’ve been asked often about your own political aspirations but we’ll ask again, do you have any and what’s a more effective position to spark change? Holding political office or holding court similar to the way you did in St. Louis?

TED: I currently hold the most important office in the world — a proud “We the People Citizen of America” who is not afraid to use my 1st Amendment rights. At 63, I remain dedicated to steer America back on the U.S. Constitution track for my children and grandchildren. One never knows where that might take me.

Bonus Question: Any plans for a Presidential hunt on the Nugent ranch if Romney wins in November?

TED: We are actually talking about that. I will be hunting everyday as usual all Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb. and March, so I would welcome self-evident, truth-driven patriots including our new president and his family.

  • Natalie Jarnstedt

    Ted Nugent has no right to salute the flag of the United States, pretending to be the great patriot! He's a cowardly hypocrite who got out of joining the army during the Vietnam conflict by walking into a recruitment office after not having changed clothes, taking a bath, nor using the bathroom for 30 days, hoping to appear insane! If he indeed is mentally challenged, he should not be allowed to own lethal weapons, whether for hunting or self defense – besides, who would ever want to get that near to him?

    • John Jobe

      Natalie you should stay doing women's work and not say anything unless you know for sure it is true

    • shocktrooper1984

      Dear Nat-tilly,
      You should really stay on your meds as prescribed since WE ALL know now that you are truly AFU!
      "Who would want to be that close to him?" I would…and I have! I personally interviewed Mr. Nugent back in 1996 for a feature story in a local outdoor news magazine; 'Carolina Adventure'…"The gig of a lifetime".
      He was headlining a multiact show with the bands' Bad Company and Night Ranger, and guess where?….on a U.S. Marine Base… BEFORE "911"! He was a perfect and articulate celeb and gentleman. He treated me and my assistant like royalty. I dont believe your "draft-dodger" dribble for a second! Why dont you go camp out on Hillary's front gate and maybe she wont have you arrested. Hell she might even give you an autographed copy of her "World Gun Ban Treaty" agenda she is helping to author as I write this DIRECTLY TO YOU! YOU have no right to salute the flag! What have YOU ever done for this country?! I bet you are a man-hater as well…huh? You poor little thing…what with having to endure your PMS and "monthly-gift" over and over again. If not for your woman parts and femme-FATAL wiles,…dumpsters and landfills everywhere would be overflowin'…and BTW…Heaven Aint! But on the other hand, maybe you are still a little pup that dont really know shit yet…you know…one of these "entitled mentality" super-c#%ts (like Hillary) that believes she is more intelligent and informed than all of we 'old common folks'. Go right ahead and google your way to a PHd in ignorance and stupidity and eventual slavery or destruction. "Those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it." RE: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot, the Taliban, etc. There is no doubt in MY former military and lifelong patriotic mind that men and women like Ted and me would, and have, DIED to kill 'em all that would KILL YOU…can YOU say the same Hon? I AM: a Christian, husband, father, American, patriot, Army RDF Trooper/Vet, college degree'd country-boy, hunter, outdoorsman, and qualified expert with bows, arrows, and guns of any kind. HOO-YA & AMEN!!!
      Ted Nugent for president! "Whack 'em and Stack 'em!", Ted! nPETA = normal People Eating Tasty animals

  • justin

    uncle ted, you are one of my idols. everything that you say i take into great consideration. i am a young bowhunter, and i stand behind everything you say. i personally cannot own the types of rifles that you own because i am 16. but once i am able to i will. i stand up as much as i can for the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. i would love to meet you and hang out with you!

  • Mark

    Ted's been in Afghanistan and Iraq more than most soldiers supporting our troops. He's a law enforcement officer. You are a hater Natalie – read a book or something.

    • Andy

      Who is he a law enforcement officer for? Must be hard for him since he breaks laws.

  • Clay

    I am fairly disappointed in Bowhunter magazine for giving Ted Nugent more chance to spout off. What an absolute moron!

    • adecker44

      Clay…thanks for commenting on our piece (This is Bowhunting magazing btw)…I invite you to read this piece:

      I think it might speak to some of your concerns/beliefs…

    • Ryan

      if you dont like it clay, dont read it

  • Rich Humpal, JD

    Obama and other criminal government officials is not the real problem. Apathy and ignorance is the real problem and in makes no differance if you like or hate 'uncle Ted' or what he stands for IF apathy and ignorance is allowed to continue. Ted simply catches the flak from these folks who have no clue what is and has been allowed to (by intent) destroy America and it's Constitution. As the Director for "The 7th Amendment Preservation Foundation" and an avid bowhunter for over 60 years, I welcome Ted's speach with open arms. It's just too bad other well known hunters are cowards to this cause. I will keep my God, land, money and guns and you can keep the 'change'.

  • John ODonnell

    Ted Nugent speaks for Ted Nugent. He is a rock star and has to be veiwed that way. He has his right to say what he wants and when he goes over the edge he will get spanked or worse ignorned. He is no worse that those (The REV Al Sharpton) who hypocritical ,fanatical rants are as perverse as any. As a hunter and a sportman I have always spoken for myself. Ted speaks for himself. You either BUY it or you dont. Irrational rants have to be recognized and treated as such.

    • Brad Miller

      Anyone's view could be called a rant or not. Just say you agree or don't agree. Uncle Ted stands for what ir RIGHT and many "Blood Brothers" agree with standing up for what is right. Whether that is a "rant or not is just your opinion. I agree with Uncle Ted's opionion because he is standing for what is right. I support him because he is heard. Now let me be heard…
      The governmental beast is out of control and trouncing on our freedom every Day! the government is WAY TOO BIG and out of control. WE NEED TO STAND UP AND PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM! I think anyone who would agree would support Uncle Ted. Study up on Uncle T and you will find out that is his course as well!

  • Joe Scarpa

    Thats is the truth ! we the people have to step up to the plate ! most people are not educated. they are victom of society ! govenment robots..they no not what they say. most americans don't know why the 2nd amendment was put in place ! it was put in place for exactly what is happening to us today ! it states : the right to bear arms. if the government body trys to take over the rights of the people then the people have the right to bear arms to defend themselves from this tyrony ! please wake up … Ted is trying to help "We The People " no other reason ..thats called unconditional love ..there will be no future if things continue ! its time for change ! what he ment by his comment was that Ted is all in ! Are you all in ????? God Bless America and my God give us the strength to take it back !

  • Clay

    Oh yes I have forgotten that the Right wing are all good God fearing Christians…insert sarcasim font here…
    I would agree with you and love to see other professional bowhunters stand up for a cause. My grief is that now the PETA's of the world don't look so extreme and gives them more ammo.

    oh and my appologies Bowhunter vs Bowhunting all Intermedia Outdoors Network and I the 2 mixed up all the time.

  • warren

    Tho' Ted may be a publicity hound, I do agree with what he states as many other Americans do. It is the right to agree, or disagree, with his statements as it is with our elected officials. But when the constitution is threaten, and the threat is beyond the control of the people, the we in America become threaten. Ted's voice brings this out for all to hear. Unfortunately mass media is able to turn it in to something more than it really is which makes the media more dangerous than the govenment.
    A statement I posted on FaceBook, "In this day and age of armed robbery, car jacking, home invasion, rape, abuse and murder of innocent children, and other violent crimes, I would like to remind those who prefer all firearms be banned that it is God's job to judge these violent criminals…. it is the mission of the firearm in legal hands to arrange the meeting."

    • Dan C

      Your FaceBook statement was great. I had to copy and paste that for later use. You get a THUMBS UP from me :)

  • Dale McPherson

    He may be a bit "over-the-top in HOW he says things, but I believe he does that so people will open their ears and listen. The essence of WHAT he says is absolutely true. This country is in big trouble, and the thugs running our gov't. are almost universally corrupt. If we don't get back to our Constitution and find enough honest people to vote for, there won't be an America much longer. That is what Ted is saying. THAT is what we need to work towards. Disarming the populace, for whatever reason, is the aim of the Obamas, the Clintons, the U.N., etc. Haven't you heard about the U.N.'s Small-Arms Treaty? Hillary is a BIG proponent of that. An unarmed and helpless citizenry is the goal. If plain talk will prevent that, then ROLL ON, TED!!!!!

  • Randall Welker

    God bless this great country all those like Ted who are not afraid to speak up. Those leading this country should be ran out replaced with true Americans

  • Damien G.

    Wile I do like Uncle Ted and find his shows and music entertaining, I do think the man can be over the top a lot of the time. I take it as mostly for entertainments sake and If the draft dodging thing is true, as an x-soldier myself who served this country, I find it disturbing to say the least.

  • Robert

    So it seems from what I have just read most everyone believes in the constitution at least the part about free speach. You could set at your computer all day and disagree with everyone about one thing or another, but the bottom line is if we don't get back to what our fore-fathers, ( yes yours and mine ) wrote so many long years ago "of the people, by the people, for the people " WE THE PEOPLE " will lose out ! I feel our goverment has lost sight of the Amercan dream. We as Americans need to stand up for what the Constitution was written for and not let the Constitution be dismantled for any reason ! Proud to be an AMERICAN ! If you don't like my country LEAVE ! God Bless America ! and the men and women that protect us and our rights.

  • Bob Willis

    Ted, dont let them surve your patrotism , keep your voice out there. I am a retired 4 tour Special forces vet and I am sick of the way this country is going under Obama.

  • Oklahoma roughneck

    Thank God , somebody is willing to stand up and tell the truth. Thank you Ted you are a real American hero.

  • Dennis Niedert

    If you want to stress safety to a person you show them a video of want happened to someone who was not safe..the blood and guts is the reality and the result of ignorance….is this "over the top"? No, it's a way to get your point across. It seems Uncle Ted does just that!! Sometimes it takes extreme measures to wake some people up and thats what this world wake up. We need to get our faces out of our "smart phones" and use the common sense that god gave us!! Ted I hope you get to see this and I say to you preach on my blood brother!!!

  • Wayne

    "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". Need Ted or I say more? Ted may be over the top but no more over the top than a government trying to disarm law abiding citizens. I'll take Teds side…Oh and Natalie, what size pants would one need to wear to not use a bathroom for 30 days?

  • yt sempert

    Ted, thanks for speaking up for Americans and Hunters nation wide. If our constution get trashed this country will no longer exist as a free nation. to all ,please vote with some common sense in november.. YT wyo

  • Hurtman

    I Vote Uncle Ted For President! He's a Great Speaker, its obvious that when he speaks that all those around hear him. Its to bad that a good ole country boy who has an education, is still fround upon by many. If you dont agree with what Uncle Ted is saying then your not listening with open ears. Im not trying to be a jerk, but really listen to whats being said about our country from a good ole educated sportsman who still has morals and values our Great American Land. Yet is respectful enough to listen to those who are not so. Don't Hate a person for stating their opinion, you got to state Yours.

  • Robert Preston

    Have had the honor of meeting Ted twice, both times when my children were attending his "Camp for Kids", in Michigan. He was fun, articulate, and truly a man who loves the outdoors. He is passionate, and that is always a plus, no matter the direction it's aimed, because it's the sign of someone who's living life to it's fullest, and willing to lead others. Ted, keep fighting the good fight, and look forward to your concert, in Peoria, next month. Will be in the audience, screaming like a kid, just like I always have at your events….;-)

    • Larry

      bull poopies!

  • T. L. C.

    Obama doesn't even need to campaign, this year. The Radical Right and their bat-crap crazy spokesmen (like stinky ol' "Uncle Ted") will defeat themselves. Hate-filled losers, like Limbaugh and Santorum, and now, Nugent keep getting caught saying really stupid things. Then, they come back and deny that they meant it, as if words have no meaning. America has woken up to the Right-Wing's violent, paranoid, misogynist, racist tactics. The Tea-Thug minority is done.

    • Dan C

      The only HATE I am hearing is from you TLC.

  • MHO

    I don't agree with all of the Antics , scare tactis, Lies, Hopped up OPINIONS (Fact based or partially fact based and Biased) etc that Ted, the NRA, The Media, ANTIS, DEocrats, Liberals and even Republicans use.

    I agree, Support and Defend The Constitution of the United States and your own States Constitution. Stand up for your Rights to Own & Use Frierarms, Hunt, Fish enjoy the outdoors and your land. I think we need to stand up for our rights.

    I also agree that the GOV'T should be a well regulated, SMALL, Hands Off GOV't. Our Founding fathers wanted that. However, The people more and more look for GOV'T Handouts so the GOV'T now gets bigger and wants control of more and more American Lives (Some call that Socialism, Dictatorship, Communism, Tryanny) Examples: FireArms Laws, Farmers paid NOT To Produce, OBAMACARE, Freedom of Speach and Assemble but not in public protest).

    TED like the NRA are media hounds only out for SELF Gratification but they get NOTICED by the MEDIA.
    They are not unlike the Political Parties around election time slingin whatever gets you to stop, think reflect and even comment on.

  • K.M.

    How can you not agree about the Constitutional Rights we have, as it seems anymore they are being threatened. They have been our rights since this country has been ours, so how can you not get enraged when it is threatened to change. You have idiotic lawyers who represent idiots who believe the word God should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. Whats next? Change the colors of the flag? Some things should not be allowed to be changed, and what this great country was built on should be left alone, don't like it….leave.

  • Bob Jones

    Ted Nugent

  • Larry

    Why has nobody commented about the $10,000 fine placed on Teddy for illegally killing and transporting a bear in Alaska? Be a cold day in hell before I support any of the idiot republicans supported by Nugent.

  • Tim

    I think that we are lucky to live in this Nation and be able to voice our opinions with the freedom that we have. Ted Nugent is very passionate about "the right to bear arms" as are many of us law abiding Americans. Those of you who choose not to exercise your right to bear arms, enjoy the outdoors and all that god has given us should remain quiet, read a book, give away all that you have and go live in a communist nation. Natalie and Clay, go get married and live in another country.

  • @BowHunter201

    I totally agree with and support Uncle Ted. He supports our Right To Bear Arms and supports the hunters. I am a bow hunter and a country boy. Uncle Ted speaks out for those of us who cant be heard where is he, Uncle Ted, can be heard and gets heard. I would vote for Uncle Ted for President in a heartbeat and vote everyone else out. I would also encourage everyone I know to do the same. I personally feel that if we were smart we would not ask Ted Nugent to run for President but rather beg and plead with Ted Nugent to run for President. Uncle Ted is the man who would get things done. Given the chance to meet Ted Nugent and /or hunt with him would be an treat.

  • ronald lindau

    ted negent pres 2016

  • Joseph Szostak

    i saw u in 70's in PA after eddy money got booed and spit off the stag and in camden nj u shot an arrow at a dumby of sadot housain then u thru your gietar pick rite directly in to my hand! u are my hero and i hunt and fis h especialy bow my favrite.i would do anything to hunt at your place n meet u. JOSEPH SZOSTAK subcriber to petersens bowhunting TED u r awesome see u next time u r in NJ or PA

  • Johnny Canuck

    A more passionate patriot there is not. Americans should be proud to have this man speak out for those who are too feable to take a stand. Although he can be sometimes be a wee bit abrasive, his lovely wife Shemane keeps him in check and lets him know when he's over the top. There is no madness in mission, and Ted is the master commander. Keep grabbing bullets and throwing them back Ted. Too bad the White House has been a dildo vending machine lately. Love ya here in Canada. Come hunting anytime. (Got a 26lb Tom last week) God Bless all you good American neighbours and all hail the 2nd amendment.

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