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How to Plan Your Next DIY Hunt

by Patrick Meitin   |  September 22nd, 2014 0

Organizing an out-of-state — or even across-state — DIY bowhunt requires a great deal of advanced planning, homework and preparation. Hunting far from home, in new country or for a new species, is nothing like bowhunting in the home turf you know so well. This is what separates regularly-successful DIY hunters from those who annually return home empty handed. Successful hunters thoroughly investigate every conceivable contingency, while also eliminating as many unknowns as possible.

Hunting a new territory or species invariably involves a learning curve. Learning your way around can consume an entire season, while the intimacies of absorbing what type of micro habitat animals prefer within the bigger picture and how to hunt that country most efficiently may require even more time.

A lifetime of bowhunting, for example hunting whitetail from treestands, can leave you ill prepared for the demands of spot-and-stalk hunting. Knowing what you’re in for and preparing accordingly will minimize inefficiencies and allow you to hit the ground running so that you’ll begin your trip hunting instead of struggling to get in the game.

A lot of diligent work lay ahead if you’re to beat the established odds and make the most of your hard-earned vacation time.

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