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Your 5 Point Checklist for Field Judging Elk

by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 2

MISSOULA, Mont.–A trophy bull can turn up almost anywhere in elk country but opportunities to take one are rare. When… more »

When bowhunting the backcountry, the main ingredients for success and enjoyment are mental and physical toughness. Get in shape and man up!

Pushed To The Limit: Backcountry Elk Hunting

by Bowhunting Staff Report 1

As Peggie and I rolled across the plains of western Kansas, my mind drifted. September 2010 was upon us, and… more »


Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrows Work On Wyoming Elk

by Staff Report 1

After receiving notice of my draw for Wyoming elk, I made a stop at Archery Addiction, where Mark made up… more »

It's not the bulls that control the herd, but the lead cow, according to top elk caller Big Al Morris, who watches the cow's reaction to his first calls. "Once she puts her head back down and starts feeding, they're in real trouble," he claims.

Twenty Years Of Elk Calling

by Jay Strangis 0

“You’ve Got To Call A Lot And Often Because Elk Call A Lot And Often.” — Big Al Morris Some… more »

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