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10 Best Trail Cameras For Bowhunters

by Drew Pellman   |  August 5th, 2011 29

Trail cameras are everywhere these days, but what exactly should you look for when purchasing one? And how can you tell the differences between one and the next? To help you in your search, we narrowed the list to 10 of the best on the market today.

  • applepickers

    Had an old cuddeback, worked great.I got a new Cuddeback Capture and you needed a viewer to see the pictures.

  • steve3364

    I have had about 4 moultrie cameras over the past 4 yrs., they tend to last about 1-2 yrs. at the most. Even the expensive ones ($400) that my friend bought didn't work worth a crap. I will stick to their feeders only.

  • dnthunter

    Moultrie Cameras are a POS camera. CRAPPY Crappy cameras

  • JT

    I have 3 moultie cameras and have left them out through very cold late season and have never had a problem. Battery life is great.

  • RS

    I have two Primos 60 and they are one great camera. Pictures at night are good, pictures during the day are very good.

    • RS

      You can also use rechargable batteries with this camera. Money saver for sure!

  • RS

    I will never buy a Moultrie camera again. Last one year and ate up batteries like nothing! Worse camera I have used ever. Save your money, not worth the time or money.

  • Dave Christian

    Coverts are great, s little hard to program. Bowhunter Dave in Delaware

    • Scott Lumsden

      I agree with you Dave. I have a Covert and Like it a lot.

  • matt burleson

    I bought two moultree cameras two years ago. the led screen on both cameras are shot. you cant read em. never again will i buy moultree.

  • tony rozzi

    You can go on the Moultrie site or call them and they might replace the LCD screen for free otherwise the charge is around $15.00 per screenI replaced two LCDS this past weekend, very easy to do.I have 7 cameras all moultrie different models all work fine.Left in field for 6-12 months at a time

  • paul

    I would not buy any Moultries again they are junk.

  • Carl

    I sell the WGI Micro 6's all day long for 104.99. Great Camera! Way better than any other camera's in this price range.

  • Kevin

    For those complaining about LCD's on Moultrie cams, I have used a Moultrie for 4 consecutive years. I've lost the display twice. Moultrie has never been any less than helpful, sending me the LCD screen with installation instructions. The task is simple. Moultrie's customer service is fantastic.

    I am also using SpyPoint's Pro-X camera – I absolutely love it!

    I am also using Bushnell's Trophy Cam – Absolutely love that one, too!

    Soon, I'll be setting up SpyPoint's Tiny-W with the remote "black box" – I saw this at S.H.O.T. last January and have been chomping at the bit to try it. There are a lot of great companies out there. I do have to say I have not been impressed with Cuddeback's Capture; my buddy uses his at our honey hole. It appears to miss most photo opportunities. I receive approx. 200 photos per week on the cameras I listed where he may only get about 10. He's been getting hogs into his setup every day but very few photos. Could have just been a defective unit but he gave up on CB. I'm hoping he'll try one of the others I mentioned I like.

  • shane klevgard

    never had a problem with moultrie cams but lots of problems with cuddebacks plus moultrie has way better pics

  • huntaholic

    I have had the same moultrie camera for 4 seasons now and have never ever had a problem and the battery life is incredible! I purchased 2 Wildgame innovation cameras last year and both are toast already the first one failed the first week I had it out.

  • beartruth2

    i got the tree bark camera and it is amazing the pictures at night are unreal it is well worth the money you can do just about anything with the camera. you can even take the camera out and use it for everyday use to. it works in -25 weather still takes good pictures i highly recommend.

  • Rick

    Speaking of Wild Game Innovations cameras. I bought one last season from Cabela's. I did not use it do to the fact that i was disabled and could not hunt for the whole season. In any event i set it up about three weeks ago with a fresh set of Duracell batteries that i just bought from the local WalMart. In any event it worked ok for the first week but all of the pictures were blacked out so i figured they were either out of range and or to dark that night. The following week i had three pictures on the camera,two were black and the third had a nice four pointer with his nose press up against the lens. I reset the camera aimed it at my feeded about 15-20 feet away and set the camera on to take pictures. Came back this week and found the camera was not working and dead. I figured the batterys were bad but after putting in brand new ones again the camera would not work at all and not even turn on. My frind who hunts with me has the exact same camera and had the same problem. Part One.

  • Rick

    Wild Game Innovatios,Part Two.I called Wild Game Innovations and talked with some guy in customer service. He told me to send it in and they would take a look at it and then make a desicision to send me a new one or not. I also found out that they discontinued this model IR #4. Figures. I told him that they should put out a call tag for it or send me a prepaid shipping lable but he said they don't do that so the shipping back is on me. I then informed him that it was prime time and firearms season was opening the next day, his comment was sorry about that but i still have to send the camera in first and wait 2-3 weeks. I told him the season would be over by then, sorry about that was all i got.

  • Rick

    Wid Game Innovations, Part Three.My friend who called the week before was sent a prepaid box & shipping lable which included a brand new camera and all he had to do was put his old camera in it and drop it off at UPS. I called Cabela's and was told being i had it more than sixty days that there policy was it had to be returned to the factory. So the bottom line is i have to pay for shiping to send it back and maybe get a new camera but long after hunting season has gone. I also asked if they could ship it first or second day,the guy said no way. As far as i am concerened this Camera is Junk along with there Company. Any company that treats you like that is history with me. Just thought i would share this with you's. Thanks, Rick.

  • mike

    save up all your pennies, steal your kids lunch money , and return all your bud light cans to the redemption center and buy the reconyx hc600 hyperfire. you wont be disappointed. this thing is the real deal. outperforms every camera i have ever used. no more blank images. ull see more deer than you even know you had on your property. make sure you get a lock box though, or some lowlife will steal it. other cams arent even in the same class as this one. oh ya, vote for bill winke for president… :-D

    • Tom

      Reconyx are worst then moultrie there an overpriced/glorified bushnell there worth 150-175 tops and they too will fail in a short time reconyx are junk.

      • Scouter

        Reconyx is junk?? Really, is that why my Rc-60 that sits out all year long still hasn't missed a beat for 6 yrs running? That's less than 83.00 a year.

  • Mountain Lion

    I own numerous Moultrie cameras,flash and IR's, and have never had a problem. But, I presume most of these camera campanies are using parts made in some third world sweat shop which means very inconsistent quality. I see this problem in almost everything now including cars, trucks, tools, and appliances. I guess we stupid consumers just need to suck it up.

  • Dave Young

    Just thought I would put my 2 cents worth in. I have a cudebach capture. It's not the best out there. I have issues with it. I have Moultrie D55ir,not that great. I have two Moultrie I35 cameras, good day pictures, very poor night pictures. Moultrie said it was to cold for the batteries ( 16 degrees) B.S. My moultrie D50 had issues, they told me they weren't to proud of that camera. I am stuck with it.. I have an older Moultrie, with flash, still works quite well.I have a older Stealth that works ok. And now I have a WildGame, I think it is D8. I love the day and night pictures it takes. All these cameras should be priced less than what we pay for them. I am going to research a camera before I ever buy another one if I ever do.

  • Daryn

    Mine is awesome! I never bring them in throughout the year and we have minus 40 degree temps in ND. Rock solid and great photos. Night pictures are very concise and never overexposure photos.

  • Daryn

    By the way, avoid the Eyecon cameras. I made the mistake of buying one instead of going with what works. Its pictures at night are terrible with a big white flash drowning out the deer on every night photo.

  • barry

    Reconyx is the best, however, for $600 you can buy 4 of the Bushnell or Moultrie cameras (that I own). For my money, I would take four GOOD cameras over one GREAT camera any day! You will over 4x the area and ……..heaven forbid if it’s stolen…………

    NO need to spend $600 to get a decent camera.
    Bushnell had 2-year warranty (not sure if they still do). This is worth something.

  • barry

    PS. Every Wild Game product I have even purchased to saw someone else purchase is junk — inexpensive, but junk. Don’t every guy a camera because they pay a cute girl with bleached hair and whitened teeth to endorse it. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Wild Game products are cheap junk. Stay away from them.

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