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A Lethal Injexion

by Staff Report   |  March 9th, 2011 0

Easton’s all-new A/C Injexion shaft has a diameter 20 percent smaller than conventional carbon arrows — offering bowhunters considerable advantages in strength, wind drift, kinetic energy and downrange penetration. The ultra micro-diameter Injexion is similar to shafts used by world-class target archers but optimized for hunting. Tests conducted by Easton show the Injexion is subject to 25 percent less wind drift than standard shafts while providing up to 56 percent greater kinetic energy and up to 31 percent greater target penetration. Despite its smaller diameter, the Injexion A/C is extremely strong due to it thick-walled, alloy/carbon composite design. Testing showed up to 32 percent greater impact resistance and up 90 percent greater crush strength. The Injexion A/C is available in three spine sizes (450, 8.6 gpi; 390, 9.5 gpi; 330, 10.5 gpi), comes with Easton’s “G” nock and also features the all-new Deep Six insert and broadhead system.

MSRP: $149.99 per 6, with Blazer vanes

Contact: Easton Technical Products, 801-526-1400;

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