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Aerial Target Shooting: Addictive Archery Fun!

by Christian Berg   |  June 15th, 2012 2

BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg fires at an aerial target launched by Laporte Archer's Phoenix thrower.

If you’ve ever done any trapshooting, you know that trying to blast those clay birds out of the sky with a shotgun is a bunch of fun. Well, imagine doing the same thing with a bow in your hand, shooting a single arrow at flying foam disks. That’s exactly what the Phoenix aerial archery target machine from Laporte Archery does, and I’m telling you, it’s absolutely addicting!


Unless you plan to chase pheasants or waterfowl with stick and string, I am not sure exactly what shooting aerial targets has to do with bowhunting. But I DO know it’s a heck of a lot of fun, and it’s also great practice for your instinctive shooting skills. I had a chance to do quite a bit of shooting with the Phoenix last month at the 2012 Bowhunting Roundtable in Barry, Ill., and put together this video. Check it out, and make sure to visit the Laporte Archery website to see if the Phoenix is coming to an event near you. I promise you and your family you will absolutely love giving this a try!

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