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Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivore Bow Sight

by Bowhunting Staff Report   |  May 31st, 2011 1

by Christian Berg

Fresh on the bowhunting scene for 2011, Archer Xtreme has combined state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technologies with good, old-fashioned field smarts. Headlining Archer Xtreme’s new accessory lineup is the Carbon Carnivore — one of the best looking,  high-functioning sights on the market. The first thing you’ll notice is its stylish appearance, thanks to the 5mm woven carbon blade and 3mm woven carbon pin housing. In addition to looking great, this carbon material absorbs vibration and has no “memory,” which means it won’t bend and take your pins out of alignment.

Woven carbon is also extremely strong, making the Carbon Carnivore virtually indestructible. Even better, carbon shaves considerable mass from the sight, which weighs just 6.9 ounces. Carbon structural components are complemented by machined aluminum parts, stainless steel windage and elevation micro-adjustment drives, second- and third-axis adjustability, adjustable bubble level, rear-mounted LED light and stainless steel, .019-inch aiming pins, each backed with 11.5 inches of continuous flow fiber.

The Carbon Carnivore even offers a unique EZ Tech pin system that allows you to fine-tune the elevation of each individual pin using a small dial. Combine those quality materials and high-end features and you have a versatile sighting system that goes way beyond good looks. “It’s one thing to just throw a piece of carbon on something,” Archer Xtreme President Mark Garcia said. “But if you look at the fit and finish on that sight, it’s the equivalent of taking a high-end target sight and making it perform like a NASCAR race car.”

In testing, I was impressed with the Carbon Carnivore’s durability, rock solid feel, easy setup and smooth operation. At the shot, there was absolutely no noticeable noise or vibration. This is definitely a sight I’d carry into the backcountry. MSRP: $279 (5-pin black) and $289 (5-pin Realtree AP, Mathews Lost Camo and Optifade Forest and 7-pin black)

  • Flyswatter

    I bought the Carbon Carnivore 7 pin for my Mathews Outback Solocam. I am thinking that I don't like it. I like to be able to see the entire ring of the sight through my peep and I like to have a little spacing between the pins, but trying to sight it in just for 20 yda I have to either lower the head all the way down and move the top pin (my desired 20 yd pin) to the top. I lose the bottom half the outer ring in my peep when the head's that far down, I have to give up trying to use the level at that point because if I move my bow around enough to check it, it throws my form out of kilter and I have to readjust when my eye tries to return to the pin. I should be able to just glance down at the level and easily return my eye to the pin. If I adjust the head where I can see the outer ring and be able to easily glance at the level, I have to move the pins (all of them) down as low as they go. Once I do that, I can raise my 20yd pin to provide a VERY little spacing to keep on center, but the remaining pins are all crowded down to the bottom. That's 6 pins as tight as they will go, all crowded in the bottom of the sight. While I haven't tried to progress past sighting the 20 yd pin yet, it seems I won't be able to use many of the remaining 6 pins accurately. Perhaps I don't know how to use a 7 pin sight. For $290, you'd expect a well engineered sight.

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