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ATA: Stealth Cam’s new Drone

by Christian Berg   |  January 11th, 2012 6

One cool product I saw this morning at the show is the new Drone remote trail camera system from Stealth Cam.

The Drone combined a high-end trail camera with a cellular modem operating on the Verizon network to allow you to get real-time scouting information on your computer or mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Along with the hardware in the field, Stealth Cam offers an online Drone control panel that allows you to view/download images, delete images, change camera settings, check battery and memory levels and more.

The Drone system will be offered in a bundled package for between $500-$600. Users will also need a monthly data subscription.




  • raymond halstead

    When will the Stealth Cam Drone be on the market?

    • gary

      look on ebay for these type of cameras i bought a covert special ops which does about the same also lokk at scout guard camera they both do about the same as this one but you cant change any camera setting on your computer only on the camera so u know the batteries are only good for a few weeks ask before you buy because if u buy it and put it hours away u will need a solar power source

  • dave

    The subscription is such a joke. Way over priced. I can't believe they don't have an unlimited plan for several different cameras. Like a "family package". Not to mention if you have a cell phone and only have unlimited texting.. the plan would be like 10 dollars a month. Why do they charge $30+ for 500 pictures? Such a rip off.

  • bobby j

    Ya just ask farmers in IOWA how easy it is to spook deer off your property as they eat their corn all day?? People over analyze bucks and hunting, makes you wonder how any one ever shot a record buck until last year. Common sense and basic principles go alot farther than digital heat seeking laser sight infared wireless snake oil.

  • bigbuckski

    That is because you don't know how to read:( and cant use properly. Technology has landed me huge bucks religiously for years. Must be nice to just shoot em off a combine.

  • JohnWayneHunts

    That's great and all. Until some butt head steels your $500 trail cam! I have lost 2 in two years. These were locks onto the tree. Love to catch someone like that!

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