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6 Compound Bow Rigs Under $600

by Patrick Meitin   |  February 27th, 2014 3

I love—and even prefer—shooting flagship bows with top-end accessories.

But I’ll confess that during many seasons in my life these high-end compound bows have been out of my financial reach. I’m a poor working stiff just like most people out there; I’ve got a mortgage, insurance payments and all the other trappings of modern living.

So in that spirit, here are some affordable compound bows—each costs less than $600 fully setup. That means a bow and all the accessories necessary to shoot it. Each setup has what it takes to bring down big game cleanly…and to keep your wallet from hurting too badly.

  • John Hilbert

    Think the boat was missed here, failed to mention Bowtech Carbon Knight and Hoyt Charger. Along with the Mission by Mathews Ballistic, you will not find better bows in their price.

    • William

      Ok..U r right.

  • William

    This is a best site for compound bow.

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