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Tru-Fire’s T1 Fixed Blade Broadhead

by Daniel Beraldo   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Introducing their first fixed-blade broadhead, Tru-Fire’s T1 looks exceptionally deadly. The three-blade broadhead’s design is advertised to eliminate one common pet peeve among fixed-blade shooters — loose blades. Loose blades can cause serious headaches, including less than desirable cutting and penetration and even the possibility of failure upon impact. Using Tru-Fire’s Spring Retention System (SRS), the pressure from the spring pushes blades toward the tip and holds them firmly in place.

Its unique, two-position blade locking system keeps blades from moving up and out of the ferrule or to either side, assuring durability on bone-breaking hits. With this system, blade replacement is extremely quick and requires little effort. Constructed from solid steel with a straightness tolerance of +/-.0001-inch, then heat treated and coated for hard-hitting performance, the T1’s precision machined, one-piece ferrule is American Made — just one more reason to purchase these broadheads.

Obviously noticeable on the T1 is its heavy-duty tip, designed to produce massive wound channels. Available in two weight options — 100 and 125 grains — both heads own .032-inch thick 440 stainless steel blades and a cutting diameter of 1 1⁄8 inches. Excited to test the T1 with eager anticipation of pinpoint downrange accuracy, I hit the range behind the office. Even though various broadhead styles don’t fly exactly the same, it’s awfully convenient when they do.

After unscrewing three broadheads off last year’s hunting arrows, I screwed on three new T1s. Surprise, Surprise! They all shot excellent from 20-50 yards. To test efficiency of the blade locking design, I shot the T1 through a number of targets with various foam construction — portable block style and 3-D targets. After 20 shots, all blades remained secured, none were lost and all are in great shape to continue practicing. I can assure you the T1 will be riding in my quiver come fall — I can’t wait for elk season! MSRP: $35 per 3/pk

Contact: Tru-Fire, 920-923-6866;

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