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Mothwing Camo Hydrowing Waterproof Jacket

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Stay dry all day.

Mothwing Camo’s Hydrowing Water-proof Jacket and Pant were designed to keep hunters dry even in the nastiest weather. Constructed with 100-percent polyester micro brushed 240 gram tricot, the Hydrowing series protects against serious downpours yet remains ultra-quiet–something that has long been a problem with traditional rain gear.

Custom waterproof pockets and special 3M taped seams also ensure that you and your gear stay dry no matter what. Mothwings’ Hydrowing Waterproof gear is available in several of Mothwing’s popular camo patterns.

Contact: Mothwing Camo Technologies, Inc., Dept. PB, 275 Helenwood Detour Road, Helenwood, TN 37755; (800) 668-4946.

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