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Carl Zeiss Victory 8X26 T* PRF Rangefinder

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Range your distance with Carl Zeiss’ Victory 8×26 T* PRF Rangefinder. This laser rangefinding monocular with LED display and integrated Ballistic Information System (which determines the holdover for firearm shooters) calculates distances accurately from 10-1,300 yards.

With 8x magnification and a 330-foot field of view, the Victory can range smaller details at greater distances. The rangefinder can measure in yards or meters and can be operated in scan mode to provide repeated distance readings on moving targets. It also offers a “one touch” mode that shows the distance on the LED screen after the button has been released. Operates on a CR2 battery.

Contact: Carl Zeiss, (800) 358-8258;

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