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Cuddeback Capture Trail Camera

by Daniel Beraldo   |  November 2nd, 2010 0

The Capture (flash model) has a 50-foot flash range, takes color pictures by day and night and has a 3 MP camera…

Last November, my friend Ryan and I were ecstatic after my Cuddeback Capture IR (Infrared) snapped two images of a big 10-pointer. Unfortunately, no one ever caught even a glimpse of him while hunting. After the season came to an end, we questioned whether he was a local buck or if he was just passing through, farm to farm, looking for a pretty little mama to share his time with. Most importantly, we wondered if he was still alive.

At the end of February, I received an e-mail from Ryan stating he found a matching set of sheds down by the lake, close to where the pictures of the mystery buck were taken in November. We recognized the sheds from the pictures and were stoked to learn the big buck lived through rifle season (public land borders Ryan’s property and gets pounded by the orange army). Now, we’re hoping to get a summer glimpse! Recently I tested the Capture (Flash) model and decided to let our assistant Wendy put it to the test. Having no prior experience with a trail camera, she found it easy to set up and, after one week, captured great images of a nice young buck in velvet and two foxes. Now, that’s easy setup! Cuddeback’s Capture trail camera series includes two units, an infrared model and flash model.

Thanks to Cuddeback’s proprietary Super Simple Set-Up (one rotary switch/two buttons), both are extremely easy to program. They also share Hair Trigger Technology for fast trigger speeds, Centered Subject Technology for better image framing, 30-second to 30-minute delays, SD Memory Card storage, and both run off four D-cell batteries. The differences are: The Capture (flash model) has a 50-foot flash range, takes color pictures by day and night and has a 3 MP camera; the Capture IR takes color pictures by day, infrared images by night, has a 40-foot flash range and takes 5 MP images during the day and 1.3 MP at night. MSRP: $200 Capture; $250 Capture IR.

CONTACT: Non Typical Inc., 920-347-3810,

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