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Ol’ Tom Casanova Decoy

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

The full-strut Casanova Decoy from Ol’ Tom offers a unique white head that tells rival gobblers he’s with a hen that’s ready to mate. Taxidermy Eyez on the big bird add even more realism to the impressive decoy head. The body has been cast from a premium mold for superb feather and body detail, while an iridescent paint finish reflects the sunlight just like feathers on a live bird.

The collapsible Casanova can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation and comes with a flourescent orange decoy bag, heavy-duty two-piece stake and packable faux tail fan. The Casanova also accepts a real turkey fan for added deception.

Contact: Ol’ Tom Technical Turkey Gear, Dept. PB, (866) 521-5012;

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