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Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Aggressor

by Staff Report   |  October 28th, 2010 0

De-scent, deodorize, sanitize and disinfect up to a 35 square-foot area with the Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Aggressor. This compact, battery-operated, bacteria-killing unit helps eliminate game-spooking human scent as well as cigarette smoke, gas/exhaust fumes, food smells and just about any other odor harmful to your hunt. Natural Oxyions work to oxidize odors and fumes.

Featuring Hi/Low Operating LED Indicator Lights with low-battery warning, the high-tech device operates on four AAA batteries, 12V DC Vehicle Adapter or 120V AC Power Adapter. MSRP: $29.99.

Contact: BuckCountry Products, 262-334-3000;

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