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Cobra Archery 5-Pin Python Micro Adjustable Sight

by Daniel Beraldo 0

High-tech, sleek, sexy and bright are all adjectives that can be used when referring to Cobra Archery’s 5-pin Python Micro Adjust sight.


Axcel Armortech Hunting Sight Series

by Daniel Beraldo 0

Simple mounts, plastic construction and short hanks of exposed fiber optics might be OK for some bowhunters, but my preferred sighting systems include complete fiber optic protection, innovative pin adjustment systems, second- and third-axis tuning, big bubble levels and heavy-duty construction.


APA Twister

by admin 0

Machined from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, APA’s Twister rest offers total containment in a drop-away design. Dead nuts accuracy… more »


Field Logic IQ Bowsight

by Christian Berg 0

By Christian Berg As editor of BOWHUNTING, I am constantly asked to evaluate new products. Though many are good, very… more »


New Archery Products Apache Rest

by Daniel Beraldo 0

By Daniel Beraldo For 2010, NAP introduces what, in my opinion, is their best hunting rest yet. Designed specifically for… more »


Sure-Loc QC 2 Model 150

by Staff Report 0

By Staff Report Sure-Loc’s QC hunting sights feature a new green bubble level and protected sail-pins with long, bright, durable… more »


The Best of the Rests

by Daniel Beraldo 0

Making the most of 2010’s top hunting models.


2010 Bow Sights

by admin 0

Bold new technologies to keep archers on target.


Jim Fletcher Archery Insider

by Staff Report 0

By Staff Report The Insider release from Jim Fletcher Archery is designed to be used with string loops and resets… more »


Trophy Ridge Hit-Man

by Christian Berg 0

By Christian Berg Trophy Ridge hit a home run last year with its Alpha line of vertical-pin sights. So, when… more »

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