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3 Scent Secrets to Lure Rutting Bucks

by Randy Hynes 0

With nearly 300-million olfactory receptors, whitetail deer are known to possess an extraordinary sense of smell. As hunters, we may… more »


How Humidity Affects Your Scent Control Strategy

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

Almost every whitetail hunter knows weather conditions can impact deer activity. Some of the hunts when I’ve seen the most… more »


Best New Attractants, Calls & Decoys for 2015

by Bowhunting Online Staff 0

While we all have our own favorite go-to’s when it comes to attractants, calls and decoys, there are plenty of… more »


Bowhunting 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

by Bowhunting Online Staff 0

If there’s one thing that’s true about nearly every bowhunter, it’s that we love new gear and gadgets. Whether it’s… more »


Best New Attractants, Calls & Decoys for 2014

by Bowhunting Online Staff 0

While there’s always the reliable favorites when it comes to attractants, calls & decoys, there are also plenty of new… more »


Everything You Need to Know About Scent Control

by Darren Warner 0

Like germs, odors are everywhere. Hormones, chemicals, what we eat and even where we live affect how we smell. Regardless… more »


Tink’s Vanish Hunting Odor Eliminator

by Christian Berg 0

By Christian Berg Tink’s was a pioneer in whitetail scent lures, and for 2010, the company is jumping into scent-elimination… more »


Real Scent Mathews Pure Heat

by Bowhunting Staff Report 0

By Bowhunting Staff Report Mathews Pure Heat from Real Scent is an officially licensed attractant scent wrapped in Lost Camo… more »


Hunter’s Specialties Squealing Hen Call

by Staff Report 0

By Staff Report Gobblers can’t resist the realistic breeding calls of the new Squealing Hen Call from Hunter’s Specialties. The… more »


WRC High-Output Trigger Sprayer

by Staff Report 0

By Staff Report Wildlife Research Center’s new High-Output Trigger Sprayer sports a durable design and delivers increased volume of product… more »

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