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Is This the Ultimate Arrow/Broadhead Combo for Big Game?

by Christian Berg   |  February 16th, 2012 11

Most contemporary bowhunters shoot arrows that are relatively light by traditional archery standards. And the broadheads we use are far different than the one-piece, cut-on-contact designs favored by those who wield longbows and recurves. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what most of us (including myself) shoot. Hey, we’re killing plenty of critters with it, right? BUT, I’m willing to bet that many of today’s bowhunters don’t truly realize just how devastating a really heavy arrow in tandem with a single-bevel broadhead can be.

In this video, Ed Schlief demonstrates the devastating penetration power of Alaska Bowhunting Supply’s GrizzlyStik arrows in tandem with a single-bevel, cut-on-contact broadhead. Make careful note of the specs listed on the screen before these shots. Most of these arrows have finished weights in the 600-900-grain range. That’s like twice the weight of the arrows most bowhunters are using! While I realize the speed of these arrows is probably nothing compared to what you’re shooting, take a look at what they are doing to these bones and ask yourself if speed is really all it’s cracked up to be.

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