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Is This the Ultimate Arrow/Broadhead Combo for Big Game?

by Christian Berg   |  February 16th, 2012 10

Most contemporary bowhunters shoot arrows that are relatively light by traditional archery standards. And the broadheads we use are far different than the one-piece, cut-on-contact designs favored by those who wield longbows and recurves. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what most of us (including myself) shoot. Hey, we’re killing plenty of critters with it, right? BUT, I’m willing to bet that many of today’s bowhunters don’t truly realize just how devastating a really heavy arrow in tandem with a single-bevel broadhead can be.

In this video, Ed Schlief demonstrates the devastating penetration power of Alaska Bowhunting Supply’s GrizzlyStik arrows in tandem with a single-bevel, cut-on-contact broadhead. Make careful note of the specs listed on the screen before these shots. Most of these arrows have finished weights in the 600-900-grain range. That’s like twice the weight of the arrows most bowhunters are using! While I realize the speed of these arrows is probably nothing compared to what you’re shooting, take a look at what they are doing to these bones and ask yourself if speed is really all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Ric

    This certainly does prove that a 450 grain arrrow shot from the same bow with a rage broadhead wouldn't do the same thing.

  • Lynn

    Would like to have seen a comparison with a 3 blade broadhead and collapsable blades, with lighter tackle and more speed. Dr. Ashby, do you think you could do that for us. What you've shown us was pretty impressive.

    • Bob

      Checkout the ashby reports and you'll have plenty of examples to choose from. Good stuff

  • dave

    do they make these for cross bow s too

  • Larry

    I have always used light fast arrows. However, this summer I am going to South Africa to hunt plains animals and bought the grizzly stik momentum shafts. I haven't shot through bone, but the arrows go completely thru a rhinehard block target! Serious penetration and I am shooting just 655 grains.

  • Ed Turner

    I use the momentum shafts, plus I have tried the Samurai and the Massai 150 grain BHs. The combo is AMAZING. Full pass thru on my elk this fall and went thru rib bones on both sides! Tracking was easy, as the BHs actually rotate as they cut hide & bone. Plus it was a double lung shot, so pleanty of blood trail to follow. Only went about 40yards and then rolled down a steep hill another 30 to 40 yards before coming to rest against a large blown down tree trunk. Also, the extra FOC with these shafts and BHs makes my arrows much more accurate. Shoot just like field points and groups are tighter than competitors 125gr two blade BHs.

  • Joel Hoenk

    Sure looks like Ed Schlief and not Dr. Ashby to me.

  • Mark David James

    Like most contemporary archery, I too was a "speed freak" and believed speed was EVERYTHING (for over 20 years as a professional elk hunting guide and archer). A few years ago I began delving into the study of momentum vs. speed. After years of REAL studies and testings, I'd already determined that mechanicals were NOT the broadhead of choice for elk and that cut-on-contact broadheads performed far superior to all other designs. Much thanks to Dr. Ashby's reports (a man who has done by far the most thorough and conclusive studies and has contributed more to the archery worlds in these regards, than any other man in history), I have been completely re-educated in my thinking, as have all of my archers and MANY of my bowhunting friends nation-wide. All of us now shoot arrows and broadheads from Alaska Bowhunting Supply and consequently ALL of our success has improved SIGNIFICANTLY! It is now a fact that archers who choose to hunt with me shoot the best broadheads and shafts, period! Many of our testimonies of success can be found on their website :….. I stand my their products and emphatically state, we owe the quarry that we pursue the BEST chance at a quick, clean and efficient death. This equipment insures this possibility and in my opinion, for archers to use anything less on BIG GAME is irresponsible. ~ Mark James~

  • Christian Berg

    Joel, you are right. It was Ed Sclief, not Ed Ashby. Good catch. I changed that in the video description.

  • Konrad

    Dr. Ashby was led to investigating broadhead design, arrow weight, center of balance (FOC) and arrow materials due to reports generated by his local forestry service regarding the increasing numbers of deer having been hit and escaping with the widespread acceptance of the compound bow.

    Folks can say what they will about fast, light weight arrows and expandable broadheads but when faced with the eventual encounter of hard bone, facts are facts. A two edged blade takes less energy to penetrate than a three blade point. A three bladed point takes less energy to penetrate than a four blade point. A gently sloped point takes less energy to penetrate than a steeply angled point. A single bevel edged has a much better likelihood of breaking through heavy bone than a double beveled edge of any type because it uses leverage to twist and crack through rather than brute force (of which archery equipment of any design has little) to smash through.

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