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Center Shots: Best Deer Hunting Lessons

by Bill Winke   |  March 9th, 2016 2

When it comes to bowhunting deer, there’s very little Petersen’s Bowhunting field expert Bill Winke hasn’t done. But that doesn’t mean he’s always perfect in the field. As is the case with most everything in life, experience begets knowledge. More importantly, however, are the lessons we learn in obtaining that knowledge.

There’s always some level of insight to be gleaned from any experience, good or bad. That holds especially true in the deer woods. When our hunts are successful it’s beneficial to learn exactly why they were. Conversely, in those times when hunting is an exercise in frustration, the takeaway is invaluable.

Bill Winke shares some of his more important deer hunting lessons learned over his many years afield in this Center Shots segment.

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