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Center Shots: How-to Diagnose & Solve Low Liver Hits

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  July 15th, 2014 1

Here at BOWHUNTING, we know that not every hit you make on a deer produces the results you might expect. When you hit a buck just behind the heart in the body cavity—a sure vital-puncher—the first tendency is to assume he’s down and start tracking. Problem is, the shot wasn’t perfect and the buck is nowhere to be found. And if you start tracking too early, you may push the buck out of the area and lose him for good.

Situations such as these are challenging to diagnose and solve. So, what may have gone wrong? It’s possible you made a low liver hit.

BOWHUNTING Field Editor Bill Winke discusses the low liver hit and what a bowhunter can do to remedy the problem in this segment of Center Shots.


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