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How to Hunt Public Land Successfully

by Bill Winke 0

I always thought public-land hunting was a second-rate experience for the whitetail enthusiast ā€” something you did only if you… more »


Better Aiming for Tighter Groups

by Levi Morgan 0

We all realize that to shoot a bow, some form of pushing and pulling has to take place ā€” but… more »


How To Plan the Perfect DIY Turkey Hunt

by Eddie Claypool 0

If you have an adventuresome spirit, consider an out-of-state foray for turkeys. As a serious bowhunter, you will most certainly… more »


Avoid Ground Shrinkage with This Simple Formula

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

By mid-July, many whitetail hunters are sharing trail-camera pictures of bucks with large antlers covered in velvet. Folks will be… more »

making a clutch shot

4 Clutch Shots Every Bowhunter Must Master

by Bill Winke 0

Of the last 22 bucks I have shot at, my average shot distance was 29.4 yards. My shortest shot was… more »


Treestand Location: the Details That Deliver

by John Dudley 0

When I look at bowhunters who continue to take great bucks year after year, I believe the common thread boils… more »


Center Shots: How to Maximize Arrow Penetration

by Bill Winke 0

It is possible to shoot a deer through the shoulder and kill it cleanly? IF you build your equipment for… more »


Winke: Anatomy of a Killer Stand Site

by Bill Winke 0

Though the season is a few months away, I am still going to walk through two of my favorite treestand… more »


Summer Shooting for Fall Success

by John Dudley 0

One of the most uneventful hunts I ever had took place in Alberta in 2010. It is hard for me… more »

the perfect hunting arrow

The Perfect Hunting Arrow – Part 1

by Randy Ulmer 0

If you’re serious about bowhunting, you need to be very thorough in choosing, building and maintaining your arrows. Iā€™m extremely… more »

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